Save Money on Your Wedding Day (Part 3)

Posted on: 30th September 2013


Weddings are expensive. But you can cut costs without diving into cheapness.



  • Ask help from a friend or relative. If you know someone who plays an instrument well, or has a good voice, ask him or her to lend his or her talents to your wedding day. Chances are, he or she would be honoured to be asked.
  • Look for music deals. Rather than hiring outside musicians, ask whether the organist at your house of worship would perform at your ceremony for a small fee or donation. Or, you can contact the classical music club at a local college instead of paying a professional string quartet to play at your ceremony or cocktail hour. They likely have top-notch students who would love to earn a few bucks for their services—and get practice performing in front of a live audience.
  • Use a good home stereo system for the reception music. Rather than hiring a DJ, create a few mix CDs from your own collection – there’s all the music you need. Put a good friend in charge so you can focus on the party.
  • Put speakers around the dance floor area – there’s no need to spread them around the reception room. Then just create a few mix CDs from your own collection – there’s all the music you need.
  • Hire a limited engagement. If you simply can't do without your town's cover band of the moment but an entire night of live music won't jive with your budget, then see if they are willing to play just one set during your reception. You can bookend their appearance with a DJ or a playlist on your MP3 player, and you can advertise the evening's headliner to your guests ahead of time.

Save Money on Your Wedding Day

Photo and Video

  • Have an off-season wedding on any day except Saturday. Just like with wedding venues, you can save a lot of money on photographers and videographers by having your wedding during the off-season, and also by having your wedding on any day but Saturday. Photographers and videographers are in high demand every Saturday, especially in the summer, and are able to charge more for working on Saturdays in the summer months. By having an off-season and/or weekday wedding, you will also have a better selection of photographers and videographers to choose from, because more of them will be available.
  • Hire a photographer and videographer as part of a package deal. You may be able to save money if you can get a package deal for a photographer and a videographer together. Compare rates for hiring as part of a package deal versus hiring separately.
  • Hire local talent. Most photo and video professionals will grant discounts if you’re having your wedding and reception in the same location, or if your sites are close to one another.
  • Put disposable cameras on the reception tables. Don’t expect to get award-winning photos, but do expect to have a good laugh. It’s a great way to get some candid shots. Then just kindly ask the guests to send you copies of the pictures.
  • Request simple video editing. The more tricks a video editor has up their sleeve, the more he or she can charge you. Ask for a simple DVD without all the bells and whistles to keep the cost at a minimum.


Most importantly…

Don’t stress. Some things can go wrong at the very last minute. Don’t respond by throwing cash at it. Most likely, no one will even notice the little issue, and quite often someone in your wedding party will come up with a pretty good solution to fix things. Enjoy your big day!

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