Save Money on Your Home Remodelling

Posted on: 9th July 2013

Make your life easier when remodelling your home by making sure that you have the right information in how to do it the fast and economical way. Read on to find out.


  1. Instead of replacing dreary cabinets, just refinish them. For a different look, you can simply replace the doors and hardware or paint the bases. It will make your kitchen look more modern without spending a lot of money.
  2. Choose radiant heat tiles when redoing your tile floors. Radiant heat tiles distribute heat by using electricity and can be a welcome luxury on cold days. Thankfully, you can easily install them yourself by following the directions properly. You’ll be able to add this onto an existing project or do it on your own. The first steps inside a winter bathroom will leave your feet grateful for all of the hard work.
  3. Keep a drill handy at all times. This is a must when you are improving your home. It allows you to make different sized holes in surfaces for screws, and allows you to drive the screws in with special attachments. Aim to use a cordless drill that is battery-powered with 9 volts and drill bits that are 1/32 all the way up to 1/4. You also need attachments for driving Phillips and flat-head screws.
  4. Always shut off the gas before getting involved in a project that has gas connections, such as a fireplace or a stove. You want to be extremely cautious during this process. Starting a fire or causing an injury during your project is undesirable.Save Money For Home Remodelling
  5. Maintain your gutters, chimneys, and downspouts. Many people ignore these less glamorous projects. In the long run, you can prevent costly damage from leaks or water damage that you may not notice until it is too late.
  6. Wallpaper just a single wall. If you haven't visited a wall-covering retailer lately, you're missing a treat. With the revived popularity of wallpaper, stores are offering an expanded range of choices. The prices of some of these may knock your socks off too. Papering only a single wall will do, and that'll make some of those fine, expensive papers or fabrics affordable. It'll also lessen the time, effort and mess of papering an entire room. This is an especially good solution for a room with plain walls, slim baseboards and window trim, and no built-ins. You create instant character.
  7. Use track lighting. Track lighting lets you put light exactly where you need it—on countertops, walls or objects—and brighten just about any area. The tiny halogen bulbs emit a dazzling white light that illuminates colours brilliantly.
  8. Install closet organizers. You don't have to spend a fortune to have a neat closet. Wire shelving systems are inexpensive, practical and easy to install. They increase your storage space and simplify cleaning too. Almost everything hangs on the walls, keeping the floor clear for easy vacuuming. And the wire shelving won't collect dust like solid shelving does.
  9. Do not forget your laundry centre. Stand back and look at your laundry room. Chances are it could use better organization, better lighting and more storage. These simple upgrades give you all that.
  10. Make plans to make your bathrooms handicap-accessible. When your home improvement plans call for major bathroom renovations, you are unconsciously seeing yourself as staying here until you grow old. So do yourself a favour and make plans to make your bathrooms safe and handicap wheelchair accessible.


If you are looking at renovating your home by yourself, compile a list of everything you need to complete the project, and then have someone with experience take a look at it to make sure everything is right. You don’t want to miss a step and then find out that this is going to be an expensive mistake to fix.

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