Save Money on Groceries Without Coupons

Posted on: 28th September 2013

Who says only die-hard couponers get all the fun in the grocery-saving department? Even if you don’t have the time (or enthusiasm) to be a coupon pro, there are other great ways to keep your grocery costs under control – wherever you live.


  1. Choose the right store. Even if most of your neighbours do their shopping at a famous supermarket, you don’t have to ride in the bandwagon. Scout your area for a grocery that would give you the best prices on regular food items that you buy.
  2. Create a major shopping list. This allows you to identify the amount of money you spend each week. And when you do shop, bring it with you and stick with it. Also, do a regular evaluation of the items that you cannot live without and those that you can let go or substitute with a cheaper version.Save Money without Coupons
  3. Find alternatives to your branded products. If you can compromise on lower-cost alternatives, your future shopping trips can yield you lower expenses. Generic brands aren’t that bad tasting or of low quality. The key is to get a trial pack and if you and your family gives it a seal of approval, then ditch the trademark food ingredient.
  4. Save the best stuff for special occasions. It doesn’t mean you have to forego that fancy cheese or lip-smacking wine from your pantry but if you do buy it, then make sure that there’s a special treat for the whole family.
  5. Plan your weekly menu. It may give you quite a headache just so you can keep the creative juices flowing out and encourage your family to go on board with what you have prepared for them in a week, but it can result to fewer trip to the grocery and more savings as well better attitude and greater gratitude for the food on your dinner table.
  6. Use what you have. If you have stocked up on produce and a little meat, then maximize its use to avoid spoilage and throwing money down the drain.
  7. Never fall for prepared and convenience food. If you can do it at home, there is no need to pay extra for it at the coffee shop, restaurant, or fast food chain. It is just a matter of time management and extra willingness to do what is right for your family. It also lets you track of the calories in your own food and ensure that each family member gets a satisfying and healthy meal.
  8. Let go of some luxuries. You can do away with a tall cup of latte at a signature coffee shop. If you really need your caffeine boost in the morning, prepare your own. Buy high quality coffee grounds and let your coffee maker do all the work. You also don’t waste precious minutes lining up at the cashier. Same goes for prepackaged salads and finger foods.
  9. Invest on another freezer or fridge. So you can stock up generously when items you regularly buy go on sale.
  10. Check unit prices. Because buying in bulk doesn’t always mean great savings. Be aware of what you're paying for per ounce and find a better deal if it is not worth it.
  11. Look down or beyond. Because expensive items are usually at eye level and at obvious places inside the supermarket.
  12. Try meatless versions of your favourite dishes. You don’t have to take out meat on your diet, especially if you have a carnivore household. But you don’t have to be scared to try out beans and rice or burritos once in a while. Your homemade pizza and lasagne can also skip the meat to stack up on savings.

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