Save Money in Your Home Makeover By Using Reclaimed Materials

Posted on: 7th August 2013

Remodelling your home doesn't have to burn a hole in your pocket. Buying reclaimed materials, can save you 40 to 60 per cent off the cost. It can also be a greener way of remodelling since the reclaimed materials won't end up in a landfill.


For many homeowners, the easiest way to get remodelling materials is to visit Home Depot. But for those who don't mind doing a little hunting and want to save money, buying reclaimed materials may be the way to go. Here are some things you have to consider when using reclaimed materials for your home makeover.


  1. Allot plenty of time to find what you want.

When shopping for reclaimed materials, you'll need to give yourself plenty of time to do some hunting. Chances are you won't find all the doors or tile needed for a house remodelling in the first visit to the salvage store.

Save Money For Home Materials

Make sure you have your measurements and some room for creativity. You can save on average two-thirds off the retail price for materials, which is typically a combination of new and old items.


  1. You can find almost everything in salvage stores.

Salvage stores, which can be found across the country, are stocked with materials recovered from the deconstruction of homes, buildings and schools, and from homeowner donations. While interior and exterior doors are common finds at salvage stores, consumers also can buy light fixtures, sinks, cabinets, moulding, tiles and many other things needed for remodelling a home. Many salvage stores are updated regularly.


Perusing salvage stores isn't the only way to find reusable materials. Online marketplaces like Craigslist have building merchandise as well as a free section where people give things away. Second Use also operates an online salvage store. As an alternative, visiting the local dump or salvage yard, although messy, can be a great way to find salvage materials.


  1. Be cautious of hazardous materials.

While salvage stores don't sell anything with asbestos in it, an old door or bathtub may have been painted with lead paint. Most stores will test the items, especially if it's an appliance, before putting it on sale. Even so, it's usually up to the buyer to beware of the potential for hazardous materials.


  1. Make sure that it would fit into your home.

Sometimes using reclaimed materials ends up costing you more, especially if it's more labour intensive to get the materials to fit into the existing home. If the parts fit and the reclaimed materials blend in, homeowners will often be rewarded with a distinctive remodelling design as well as cost savings.



  1. Reclaimed materials are a greener way to save.

If a remodelling bargain isn't what you are after, using reclaimed materials has another benefit. It helps protect the environment. Using reclaimed materials reduces the consumption of new resources, cuts down on the use of landfills and cuts pollution. Removing fixtures and materials that already exist might take a lot of diligence and difficult labour, the impact on the environment is a far cry from producing new floor boards. By choosing reclaimed materials for your next remodel, you can get a high quality material and make an impact on energy consumption, as well.


Where to Find Architectural Salvage

Years ago, finding vintage materials was a matter of stumbling on a shop that happened to be carrying something you want. Today, however, the internet has made it possible to find just about anything you want quickly and conveniently. To be sure, there are architectural salvage companies with warehouses where you can physically search for the piece you need, but online inventories are much easier to dig through. If you use the internet to find not only your materials, but the company you want to restore and/or install them, you may be able to plan the majority of your remodel without ever leaving the comfort of home!


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