Rules for Promotions on Twitter

Posted on: 13th February 2013

Twitter PromotionsWhile a Twitter competition can rapidly boost and encourage fans to interact with you and build brand awareness, understanding the regulations surrounding Twitter promotions can help maximise its success ensure that Twitter doesn’t block the competition altogether.

Discourage the making of multiple accounts

Twitter asks that you request entrants to include a rule stating that anyone found to use multiple accounts to enter will be ineligible.

Discourage posting the same Tweet continually

Encouraging the posting of duplicate, or very similar tweets, like using, “whoever retweets this most wins”, is a violation of the Twitter Rules. This sort of contest or sweepstakes could cause users to be automatically filtered out.

Ask users to include an @reply to you in their update

In order to select a winner, you’ll need to see all the contestants. The best way to ensure that this is the case is to make entrants include an @username reply to you, you’ll be able to see all the updates in your Mentions timeline. Simply performing a public search may not display every update, and certain contestants may be filtered from the search for quality.

Encourage the use of topics relevant to the promotion

Hashtag topics need to be appropriate to the update as encouraging users to add your hashtag to unrelated updates may result in a violation of the Twitter Rules.

Applicable Laws and Regulations

In addition, before starting any contests or sweepstakes please ensure that they comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Compliance with such laws and regulations is your responsibility and legal advice is recommended. In particular, laws regarding privacy, copyrights and trademarks must be examined.

Ensure you check Twitter Rules and our search best practices. If you’re a business on Twitter, you might also want to check out the Twitter 101 for Business guide for more information and tips.

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