Posted on: 10th September 2013

Winning a big amount of lottery money can be an overwhelming experience for most people. Do you think you would be able to keep your cool if you found out you had won millions of dollars. Ronald Willis was able to recently, when he was the $120 M Mega Millions winner in California. Amazingly, he never lost his composure the entire time that the found out that he had just won some serious money. It is possible that he just didn't believe that it was true. But the young man was able to walk away from the event with a cool $120 million extra to pay for his expenses.

Ronald Willis Megamillion WinnerMost people couldn't imagine staying cool like Willis did when he found out he was the lottery winner. Even Willis said that he simply "sat back and let it all soak in." It must be hard to believe for some people who may have had to work for everything that they had in life. Willis was able to win this much money through a combination of tradition and luck. He had been playing the same set of numbers for himself since he started the lotto sweepstakes in 2005. However, this time he just happened to buy his ticket from a new gas station. He had never before played at this location, but it was fortunate that he did. Now he can afford to send all of his 4 kids off to college.

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He has received a lot of questions about what he may be planning to do with this kind of money from here on out. He will first need to claim the $120 million check from the state lottery officials. After that, he plans to mostly invest the money so that it will grow in time for him. Willis will also plan to help spend some money on the future of his family. For some, this kind of money may seem like a dream come true. But Willis never let his calm demeanor drop.

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