Romantic Vacations – 6 Must Visit Destinations For Couples In Love

Posted on: 3rd April 2014

Just married, celebrating your anniversary, or just looking for some quality time with your better half? What better way to do this than taking a vacation together at a romantic destination. Take a look at some of the most favorite destinations for couples in love:


  1. Napa Valley – take a wine tasting vacation. Just thinking of wine draws up visions of melting sunsets, laughter, hand in hand walks, and love in the air. There would be many places in the world where wineries are set in a most scenic place, but one of the hottest among all is Napa Valley. The wine, food and stunning scenery would have you fall in love with one another once again.
  2. Thailand – one of the most friendly as it is exotic romantic destinations is Thailand. Take your time to visit Phuket, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and other cities of this remarkable country. Travel on back of elephants, eat delicious local cuisine and imbibe the goodness of unpolluted natural surroundings. The beaches, the dances, the scenery and natural beauty of this country is perfect for romance and love.
  3. Greece – a place lost is time. It has a scenic beauty that is out of fairy tales and the people will take you into their midst right from the moment you say ‘hello’. Check out Crete, Santorini and Athens where beaches are stunning, cuisine out of this world, and the ambiance most romantic.
  4. Hawaii – an all time favorite, Hawaii is a must see for all couples who want to experience Garden of Eden type of scenery and feel. Whether you like unspoiled natural settings or fun filled night life, Hawaii is the best on all aspects. Enjoy the most amazing sunsets sipping exotic drinks or walking hand in hand on the timeless shores of this beautiful island. Hawaii has romance in the air – and you have to be there to experience the feeling.
  5. Paris – you cannot think of love without thinking of Paris. However clichéd it may sound, Paris will always remain the City of Lovers. Take a cruise on the Seine, have your portrait sketched in charcoal, visit the art gallery and regale yourself with French cuisine in luxurious romantic restaurants or lovely chic side-of-the-street cafes.
  6. New Zeeland – for those who love adventures, nature and pristine scenery there can be no other like New Zeeland. You can take up any type of activity here and have all the fun in the world, while still feeling as romantic as in Mills & Boons books. There is a buzz in the air in this stupendous country where hiking, snorkeling, rafting is as romantic and exciting as wine tasting trips and lazing on the beach days.

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