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Posted on: 27th June 2014

Twitter ContestsAs social media continues to dominate daily clicking habits of online users, businesses are provided more avenues for increasing brand awareness and engagement.

Twitter provides many such avenues, tried and tested daily by both big brands and small businesses.

Many appealing contests catch the attention and participation of Twitter users, and your business would do well in conducting your own contest for brand awareness and increased following.

Here are some Twitter contest ideas which have generated the most engagement from users:

The Creative Answer

A 2010 KFC Twitter contest asked users to respond to the question why they deserve to win. Tweet entries needed to include the hashtag #KFCScholar, within Twitter’s 140 characters limit.

This winning creative answer tweeted by Amanda Russell (@arlp111) won for her $20,000 worth of scholarship: “#KFCScholar Hey Colonel! Your scholarship’s the secret ingredient missing from my recipe for success! Got the grades, drive, just need cash”.

The contest not only generated many entries, it also generated goodwill for KFC with a prize intended for educational use.

If you wish to duplicate KFC’s contest success, using the ‘creative answer’ format will require that you as organizer raise a question using a hashtag. Twitter users will need to tweet their most creative and unique answers to your question. You determine the winning entry.

The Question & Answer Format

Another online contest that requires contestants to answer a question is the Question and Answer format. Users need to answer a question posted by the organizer on Twitter, and win as the first to answer correctly or through a ‘lucky’ draw from among the entrants.

Frequent use of this contest format ensures users regularly visit your site to check for random questions to answer and get a prize.

The Sweepstakes Draw

Otherwise known as the ‘lucky’ draw, the sweepstakes picks winners from users who are:

  • Retweeting. Winners are picked at random from users who Retweet. It is an easy contest to set up as it simplifies the process of entry for users.
  • Following. Your Twitter followers will be rewarded by contests that choose winners at random. Users just need to Follow or Retweet and Follow.

The Photo Contest

Photo entries say more than what the 140 characters Twitter limit will allow. Users send in photos for a chance to win a small gift or voucher. Organizers pick the winners.

Some reminders for the Twitter contest organizer

Twitter allows your business to build up your product through contests. But like any online endeavour, you need to be careful. Some unscrupulous users create multiple accounts to increase chances of winning a contest. Your hashtags can be overused and make your contest look like spam.

Remind contestants to include your account when ‘Tweeting’ their answers.

Set clear boundaries for your contest, including the number of times a user can join in with their tweets, or photo entries.

For first time contest organizers, it would be best to use applications to set up a strong and reliable contest.


Take advantage of the obsession of this modern generation for social media. It can do a lot to build your brand, strengthen your online presence and boost your business profits. Good luck with your Twitter contests!

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