Promoting Business Through Online Competitions

Posted on: 24th June 2014

As more businesses are learning to use all the available benefits that the world wide web offers, many are beginning to take advantage of the possibilities that has opened up to any business willing to explore and build opportunities online. These go-getters are the ones that can reap the true benefits of online business. One way the internet has paved the way for the business is the means to promote products. Through their online presence, businesses are reaching more people in a way conventional means have never done before.

The latest strategy that businesses are beginning to use is promoting business and products through online competitions, which can be very exciting and rewarding to the business and the participants as well. Here are some tips in promoting your business through online competitions.Promoting Business Online Competitions

  1. If it is your first time, get information and know all the necessary things to be successful in this endeavour. Do your homework, study the business. Learn not only from your success and failures but also from the success and mistakes of others. Know all the laws and rules, the dos and don’ts and get all the information that you need to properly implement it. You will also need the proper hardware to handle all the data that will come in. Look for the right people, you must have the proper people and staff to guide you and help you run your events.
  2. Prepare some strategy to promote your contest. This is the best part of the competition. Learning to properly take advantage of the social media is the best way to spread and reach people with whatever you want to promote online through Facebook posts, You Tube uploads, Twitter hash tags, blogs, online ads, etc.  But do not forget that your main purpose is to promote your products. Make the most of traditional media that are still available where you can send across your message to more people. Most of the time other businesses have a tendency to ignore the old conventional means and end up not taking advantage of these other means to reach people through radio, print and television ads, posters, leaflets, etc. These complement your online promotions.
  3. Choosing the right type of competition is also crucial to your success. Are entrants going to be asked trivia questions to get prizes, or do they need to collect points to get the free merchandise? And knowing your real purpose will help you decide which type of contest available for you can give you the maximum hype that you are looking for. Determine your main objective. Are you promoting to hype your product, earn loyal customers, or just presenting your philanthropic side?
  4. Make clear rules and conditions.  The rules of the game should be easy to understand, a step by step procedure that is clear from start to finish. Complicated rules should be avoided because it turns away participants. And no surprises with your terms and conditions; lay down everything from the get go. And please, those really hard to read fine prints should be avoided.
  5. Give the prizes you promise as soon as possible, and don’t be tempted to extend the deadline just because you’re having success in your competition. It might defeat your purpose and end up facing a backlash from some unforgiving compers. Earn a reputation to be trustworthy and you will earn loyalty to your brand. Do not forget to thank all your participants, and at the same time remind them of your coming events.
  6. Finally, do the assessment of your event. Provide some parameters to determine if you have successfully reached your goals and purpose. Is it the number of Facebook likes and shares or re-Tweets? Is it the number of entrants? These would help you assess your success while helping you keep track of your potential customers. Always learn from your experience, and keep in mind what worked, why it worked and avoid what doesn’t.

  Learn from successful Facebook competitions

  • Find out why your followers have a Facebook page and offer yourself as a relevant source of information, or just have significant conversations with them. Answer their queries and responses.
  • Have custom tabs to allow your followers to quickly find your contest information, and the other content you want them to access.
  • Regularly maintain your page to provide up to date information for your followers. This effective strategy can provide relevant information to your customers and allow you to appear concerned with your customers’ welfare, earning their loyalty.
  • Use Facebook ads to keep your target group of people in the loop about your contests and promotions.
  • Online competitions allow you to have long-term relationships with your customers. Give them the thrill of anticipation of your next events.
  • Provide content worth sharing. Exclusive contests for free iPad or eBook may cost you dollars but it will be worth the investment to reach more of your target customers.
  • Direct people to your blog site via Face book. When you have new blog content, post a link in your Face book page so people can go directly to your blog with just a click.
  • Be consistent with your content across all social media, not just on Face book. Consistency helps you build up your brand and gives you the edge to survive the business.

Finally, when you implement these strategies you can better direct your efforts at gaining a wider customer base and brand loyalty.

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