Princess Margaret $2.6M Worth of Prizes Winners

Posted on: 20th September 2013

For those that love to enter competitions for cash and prizes and have tried everything from picking numbers associated with children's birthdays, anniversaries, to candle light vigils and positive thinking, the best kept secret might be the Princess Margaret Lottery. Those who have won were not only shocked, and thrilled, but also found the Lottery to offer more opportunity of winning with fewer people entering. This is because only a select number of tickets are sold.

Tammie Pinnock Lottery WinnerIn 2009 Toronto city reporter Tammy Pinnock became a lottery winner. She worked at the station where the drawing took place, and had purchased a ticket at the last minute. She won a mansion in Woodbridge, Ontario, a 2009 BMW, and $10,000. Her total prize was $2.6 million. Another couple in Malton, Ontario had been purchasing tickets faithfully for years to support the hospital. Their faithfulness and dedication paid off when they became lottery winners and won $2.6 million in 2009. Like the Malton couple, Dawn and Jerry Krolikowski had also supported the hospital for 7 years and were also grand prize winners in 2009, winning a home worth $3.7 million. They had purchased three tickets, instead of the one ticket they normally purchased due to Dawn's grandmother having been treated at the hospital.

There will also many other winners of homes, vehicles and other prizes. Winners say the reason the primary reason they had purchased tickets was to support the hospital and donate to the cause of continued cancer research, but were overjoyed to win fully furnished luxury villas, exquisite homes, vehicles and cash. Not only will they continue to purchase tickets and support the cancer hospital, but they are a living testament that both those purchasing last minute, and those who have purchased faithfully can win and enjoy millions in prizes.

The competition is managed by Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, with all proceeds donated to the Princess Margaret Cancer Hospital. The proceeds are vital to the hospital's continued cancer research and treatment of patients. Chances of winning are excellent. Tickets are $100 each, three packs for $250, five packs for $375. Prizes range from vehicles, luxury homes and cash.

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