Practical Ways to Save Money on Electricity Without Spending a Cent (Part 2)

Posted on: 30th September 2013


Focus on putting your hard earned money away wisely and you don’t have to spend a cent on electricity upgrades. Here are more energy-saving tips you can easily apply at home.


  1. Clean dishwasher drain. If you allow only clean water to come through the drain, there is less chance you need to rewash the dishes and use yet more power.
  2. Keep dryer lint trap in tiptop condition. If the moisture can easily leave the dryer through a clean lint trap then it will be more efficient and be able to run for less time.
  3. Schedule laundry day. If you can estimate when you can run full loads on your washer, you will lessen the use of time, detergent, and power – all convertible into cash savings.Save Money on Electricity
  4. Do manual gardening. Using manual shears to trim the bushes and hedges in your garden rather than powering up your electric trimmers is an energy-saving tip that can also give you the opportunity to work up some sweat.
  5. Air dry your hair. Wake up earlier than usual so you won’t have an excuse to use the hair dryer to hurry off to work.
  6. Raise the fridge temperature. By turning the thermostat just a few notches warmer than what you usually have, you would still prevent food spoilage without the high electric bill.
  7. Use a single power board. Connect all appliances in a room to one power board you can quickly and easily turn off everything at once so you can be sure you’re not wasting any standby power.
  8. Don’t put your stove and fridge side by side. It will make your fridge work harder especially with all that extra hot air around when you are cooking.
  9. Clean your light fixtures. If your light fixtures are clean, you will probably find you can get away with turning on fewer lights, as there is much light coming from the ones already on.
  10. Keep the pool pump clean. Make sure the strainer baskets in your swimming pool pump are free and clean, because when they start to get blocked, the pump has to work harder and use more electricity.
  11. Keep your freezer full. Buying frozen goods in bulk is not only savings in the food department but also means maximum usage for your freezer. Besides, the frozen items will work to keep the inside of the freezer cold and allow the freezer to use less electricity.
  12. Shovel Snow by Hand. Get out there and put your back into shovelling snow by hand, rather than using your snow blower. It might even help you work off those extra winter kilos you put on over the holidays.

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