Poetry Contests and Competitions - 5 Resources That Will Help You

Posted on: 9th August 2014

Besides the fact that poetry competitions give your creativity a chance of expression, you also get to win some great prizes and also get your poems published. However, as every budding poet will tell you, writing a poem is not always as easy as it sounds.
Sometimes you get stuck with a verse or stanza that simply would not fall into place, leaving you exhausted and frustrated with your efforts.  When this happens, you will need help. Here are some tools and resources – the majority of these come free - which will help you:

  1. Online Dictionary – you cannot even think of starting writing anything without having a dictionary handy. You can refer to a physical dictionary as well, but if you are using a laptop/ tablet/ PC to write your poem, you will find it easier to refer to one online.

Poetry Contests and CompetitionsThere are many to choose from, but you could start with TheFreeDictionary.com, which is easy to use and very comprehensive. It also provides thesaurus, medical dictionary, legal dictionary, financial dictionary, idioms and much more.

  1. Online Thesaurus – any writer knows that there would be a time when you are simply stuck for the right word; when this happens, it is always good to have a thesaurus at hand to search for that particular word that will give your poem the right flow. Try Thesaurus.com or CollinsDictionary.com/English-thesaurus.com or Thesaurus.babylon.com. You can also try the online visual thesaurus at GraphWords.com.
  1. Rhyme Dictionary – what do you do when you are stuck for the right rhyming word? Nothing can be more frustrating than that. Without that word, your poem could remain incomplete or have its meaning totally changed. Fortunately there are many free online resources to help you with this problem as well.

Use free online rhyme dictionaries such as Rhymer.com, RhymeZone.com, WikiRhyme.com, RhymeBrain.com and so on. For children, check out the Poetry4Kids.com/rhymes. Most of these will have a clone for mobile phones/ tablets as well.

  1. A Helping Hand – there will be many times when you want a little help to decide what type of poem to write, how to write it, how to start, where to start and so on. When you feel at crossroads about writing a poem, or you want help try out the free tutorials you find online such as http://teacher.scholastic.com/writewit/poetry/poetry_engine.htm, https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/568/01/, http://www.open.edu/openlearn/history-the-arts/culture/literature-and-creative-writing/literature/what-poetry/content-section-0.

You can also use the free poetry tutorial e-books  at http://www.freebookcentre.net/Fiction/Poetry-Books.html.

Happy writing!

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