Planning Your Wedding And Honeymoon In The Cayman Islands

Posted on: 21st June 2014

The Cayman Islands are located in the western Caribbean Sea and comprises of three islands: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Without a doubt, Cayman Islands are among the most popular destinations for honeymooners. Grand Cayman is well known for hosting weddings. The resorts there can provide you with all the necessary resources to plan and have your dream wedding.

Wedding Day

When deciding upon a location for your day, you have two things to choose: the location of the ceremony and the location of the reception. For the ceremony, you can choose from beaches, lush green lawns, resort gardens, historic structures, bluffs from where the beach is visible, and holy places. One of the main attractions on Grand Cayman is the Seven Mile Beach which is home to various hotels and resorts. Often, couples pick this beach as their ceremony location. It is a beautiful beach where you can have the ceremony of your dreams: you can exchange your vows while the sun sets in the background, creating a picture perfect scenery. For those of you who are fond of adventure can have an underwater wedding, surrounded by exotic marine life. Catchy Church is a well-known photographer who can shoot your amazing water under the water. You can also choose to exchange your vows while flying in the clear blue skies of the Caribbean. You can choose for your reception from the same locations as for the ceremony; you can also choose a restaurant. If you think there are no seasons in the Caribbean, think again. If you choose an outdoor location, be sure to check the weather as you do not want to be drenched in the rain on your big day. The Cayman Islands have a wet season from May to October and tropical cyclones form in the hurricane season from June to November. Also, if you want to sync your ceremony with the time of the sunset then make sure to check the time of the sunset so as to have the ceremony carried out like you want.

The Cayman Islands Wedding And HoneymoonWedding Planner

There are wedding planners available on the island and you can choose from among them for planning the most important day of your life. A wedding planner can help you choose a site for the wedding, design the arrangement of flowers, suggest a florist and a photographer, choose the menu and recommend any regional practices or clothing which you can make a part of your wedding ceremony.

The large resorts have wedding planners on their site. So if you want to have your wedding at a resort, you can find a wedding planner easily.If you do not like the wedding planner appointed by the resort, you can try choosing another resort and you always have the choice of hiring an independent wedding planner who is not associated with a resort.

Legal Issues

You can have your documents prepared beforehand or even in a day while you are there. You will not be required to take vaccinations, a blood test or wait a specific period to get the residency before you can get married there.

You will need to provide a Cayman Islands Immigration Department International Embarkation Disembarkation Card,identity (it can be a copy of your certificate of birth which is verified by a notary public or a passport), and for people under the age of 18, a parental consent is required. You must provide evidence or divorce in case it is your second marriage; also, you must provide a divorce decree’s copy. If your previous spouse passed away then you must provide a certificate of death. You will need to mention a marriage officer at the time of application as well as minimum two witnesses. If you have come alone and have no family or friends to be the witnesses, the marriage officer can make arrangements. The license of marriage will cost you CI $200 which is about US $250.

What to wear

You can have your choice of clothing as anything can be worn on the Caribbean. You can have a long formal dress or a white bikini: take your pick. Some people choose to wear floral sundresses which match with the local culture. Men can dress up in tuxedoes or simple slacks paired with a white shirt. In case you feel like dressing up formally, you are advised to take a formal attire along with you.

Capturing your special moments

You can decide whether to hire a photographer who is provided by your resort or a photographer who works independently from the resort. Resorts which arrange such occasions usually have photographers whose services you can use but you always have the choice of hiring an independent photographer. A wedding planner who works independently can help you choose the best independent photographer on the island. Before making your final decision, be sure to check the portfolios of the photographers so you can have an idea of the sort of work they do. Make sure to order prints of the photographs before you go back home.


If you want a luxurious honeymoon where you can have luxurious drinks and strawberries to start your day with and a pool to float in then you must go to a resort. And there are various resorts to choose from on the Grand Cayman with prices ranging from reasonable to very expensive. Whether you choose to indulge in luxury or keep it simple, you will surely find your perfect romantic getaway. Normally, you can stay at the same resort where you have your wedding but it is not a compulsion and you can always go for other options. You can get a private home of your own where you can do what you want and wear what you want or wear nothing at all – whatever suits your mood. In a private home, you will also have a kitchen where you can treat your best half to a delicious meal.

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