Plan Your Luxurious Vacation to St. Martin and St. Maarten

Posted on: 30th June 2014

St. Maarten/St. Martin, a beautiful island, has remained a shared locality for the residents of the France and Holland for year. No trade barriers or legal restrictions have been observed in this regard over the centuries. The atmosphere of the French area is more civil, courteous, fashion oriented and full of inland skills whereas the Dutch side is low cost, with more inclination towards gambling and night clubs. It has been more focused to sports like sailing, diving, windsurfing etc. The days are mostly spent for comfort on one of the 37 beaches, wandering on the Dutch-side Philipsburg tracks and attempting to discover more about Marigot, a French town. It doesn’t really matter if a person can hit the luck in St. Maarten/St. Martin’s 13 casinos or not; he or she can surely grab the best of food at the island’s food courts.

St. Martin and St. Maarten VacationSt.Maarten/St.Martin is a Perfect Vacation Detination?

Food variety: The variety of food, offered at the island, can be estimated from the fact that if a person is staying for a month, he will have a new place to try the food every day.

Shopping Mania: The tourists can satisfy their craving for the shopping in Philipsburg and Marigot. This is the best way to spend on both the Dutch and the French commodities.

Beautiful Beaches: The St. Maarten/St. Martin Island is full of breath taking scenes, which provide the ideal places of preserving pictorial memories of the trip.

Water Sports and Activities: Another attraction of the island is the variety of water sports which are perfect for all sorts of visitors. This also gives the chance to attempt and fully enjoy the stand-up paddle boarding and kitesurfing.

Lively Nights: The nights at the island are always sparkly and fun with a huge range of fashion shows, glittery discos, gambling filled casinos and fun poured beach bars.

St. Maarten vs. St. Martin

For the tourists who are visiting the island, confusion always remain about which side will be more attractive to their temperament. This decision can be a bit tricky because the variations between the two sides of the island are very thin and negligible, just like the border between them. Still there exist some points which can guide you to differentiate the two.

The Dutch side or St. Maarten, offers you a wide range of casinos, livelier nights and enormous hotels. On the other hand, St. Martin, the French side, offers small and cosy hotels that have many bakeries and pantries with a variety in breakfast. There are no casinos or clubs on the French side and night life is not as much fun as on the Dutch side.  The Dutch side offers bigger hotels but for the satisfaction of the taste buds and to enjoy the diversity of tastes and flavours, you should consider spending your vacations at the French side.

Another point of difference between the two sides of the island is the difference of currency. On the Dutch there is the Netherlands Antilles guilder (also called the florin) and on the French side the Euro. Since the Euro is a powerful currency so its conversion can sometimes make the trip a bit more expensive. The good thing is that U.S. dollars are accepted at many institutions on both sides of the island.

Condo Rentals

For the purpose of lodging, the Condo rentals can also be considered as a good alternative. They are more attractive to those visitors who do not want to opt for centralized resorts. Condos offer many similar facilities like villas, including kitchens, in a much lower cost. The inclusion of kitchen can save the cost of visitors as they can cook their own food. Condo Rentals can be rented out by contacting either the rental companies or the owners of these Condos.

One of the deluxe and comfortable condos is at Cupecoy Beach and it is available for rental when its owner is not occupying it. The décor of the condo depends upon the taste and grace of the owner. This is the reason that some of the condos are absolutely wonderful. Another attraction for these condos is the level of privacy. Each elevator is only for two apartments at each floor. Every condo is well designed and fully furnished with big dinning, lounges and kitchens. Each condo has extensive landscapes especially the ones at upper floors have glass case of Anguilla, Simpson Bay, and Basses Terres.

The fitness centres include gyms and sauna with steam bath whirlpools, and both indoor and outdoor pools. The indoor swimming pool is managed by Dior Spa. The positive aspects of these Condos are the beautiful views, family environment, vicinity to Maho Casino, full security and food diversity. Though Condos provide tight security but no other hotel restaurant-like services are available. Also, if you are looking for a resort or beach then Condo is not the place for you.

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