Plan Your Luxurious Vacation In The Turks And Caicos Islands

Posted on: 17th June 2014

The electric turquoise colour of the waters in the Turks and Caicos is so attractive that it would keep you hooked and not let you wander away from the shore. The smaller Turks and the larger Caicos Islands are part of the British Overseas Territory. They are known primarily for tourism as well as for offshore financial services. These two island groups are located in the North Atlantic Ocean at about 1000 kilometres from Miami in the US. They consist of 8 main islands and hundreds of smaller islands. The islands mostly consist of flat limestone and
mangrove swamps. The sunny and dry weather makes it a perfect vacation spot for the tourists from cold regions so that they can bask in the sun and indulge in the breath-taking scenery. Grand Turk, Salt Cay and Providenciales are the largest and most populated areas of the Turks and Caicos Islands with a diversity of landscapes that are sure to leave you feeling amazed.

Luxurious Turks And Caicos Islands VacationBest beaches

The beautiful, white-sandy beaches of these islands are the reason people travel here. The flat, dry lands with fine coral sand bordered by electric blue waters are dazzling. Just when you think it cannot get any better than this, you will come across an even lovelier beach. Each and every beach seems to be more spectacular than the last and this is what keeps tourists wanting more of these magnificent islands. Due to a large number of beaches, sometimes you might be lucky enough to get a whole strand of beach all to yourself.

Before Providenciales became a popular spot, there were 3 centres of population, among which was Grace Bay. With 12 miles of neon blue waters, no rocks and powdery sand that will not burn your feet even in the heat of the day, Grace Bay has become a major tourist destination. But you must find the will to drag yourself away from the beautiful Grace Bay so as to visit more exquisite spots on Providenciales (locally known as Provo). You must be courageous enough to travel the adventurous road to the blue waters of Malcolm’s Beach which is a magnificent sight. Pelican Beach is known for its conch shells which you can take as a souvenir to remind you of your amazing trip to the Turks and Caicos Islands. With shells and palms, Half Moon Bay and Fort George are a photographer’s haven. Pine Cay has a long, secluded, stunning beach with no rocks. Surrounded by cliffs and isolated coves, Mudjin Harbour in Middle Caicos is captivating where the waves crash on one side of the T-shaped cliffs whereas on the other side, the waters are calm. North Beach on Salt Cay is the most scenic of all with its dazzling water and soft sand which you will never want to leave.

Deep-Sea Fishing

With a variety of watery environments to choose from, a vacation in the Turks and Caicos is all about being in or on water. To have a true taste of the Turks and Caicos, you must go on a fishing excursion. The options available include deep sea fishing excursion, bone fishing excursion and bottom fishing excursion. A boat will enable you to see parts of the islands which are otherwise inaccessible.

Bonefish live in the shallow waters of the smaller cays and Middle Caicos. You will get a closer look at the mangroves and wildlife in the area. Bone fishing is a challenging yet exciting experience which you will definitely enjoy. The tenacious and tireless bone fish will test your techniques and patience. But do not worry; you can always find great guidance in Arthur Dean at Silver Deep who is among the best. He has vast knowledge about the islands and has a great respect for the wildlife. His years of experience enable him to be the best guide and you will find that your money is well spent.


The sunny climate, barrier reefs and calm waters of the Turks and Caicos make it a splendid destination for lovers of diving. Grand Turk, South Caicos and Providenciales are the centres most frequently visited by divers. The underwater sea life is spectacular which will make your diving experience an unforgettable one.

Every island boasts wonderful spots for diving. Providenciales has tremendous reefs and has been cited as one of the top 10 diving sites in the world by dive experts. Great visibility, dramatic vertical underwater walls where marine life congregates on the healthy coral make it a great attraction for divers. Real adventure starts in the Grand Turk where the aquamarine waters, colourful corals and friendly sea creatures will excite your senses. Salt Cay is well known for its humpback whales which will accompany you as you dive into the blue waters and has excellent wreck diving. South Caicos is considered probably the best of the diving sites as it claims to have the best visibility. As you dive into the waters, you will find a variety of marine life accompanying you on your unforgettable journey. There are sharks, dolphins, colourful reef fish, stingrays and lobsters.

If you are not a certified diver, then you are advised to take a snorkelling excursion to any one of the many uninhabited cays and coves where you will have a serene experience. There are many companies which provide snorkelling services and you can choose from among them to take you on an amazing trip. Different companies have different packages; some will let you dive for conch shells which you can use as souvenirs, some will let you snorkel for sand dollars, some will stop at Iguana Island to see the iguanas, some will let you find cannons in the water. Whatever it is that you choose, you will surely love it.

If you want peace and tranquil then you can have a boat drop you off at one of the secluded beaches for an entire day, leaving you with supplies to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Half Moon Bay is one of the most immaculate spots for a peaceful day, away from all hustle and bustle. It provides an excellent opportunity to walk and explore the land, snorkel and swim in the beautiful waters. The bay is surrounded by cliffs of limestone and iguanas are the only residents so you will be all alone to indulge in the natural beauty around you.

A new experience every day

There are eight islands which mean that you can visit a new island every day of your weeklong stay here. You can rent a car or take a ferry to help you move from one island to the other. Every day will bring with it new experiences and new places to see. Whale season is from mid-January to mid-April during which you can visit the Salt Cay and be able to touch the whales. Grand Turk is probably the best place with its charming old Caribbean architecture.

You can take an early morning flight to Grand Turk, provided by Air Turks and Caicos. Front Street has original clapboard buildings which you must see while in Grand Turk. Wild horses and roosters will accompany you as you walk through the street. You can have a spiritual experience at the beautiful Anglican Church with its bright red gate. Also present in Grand Turk is an excellent museum which will take you on a journey into the past. There is a lighthouse at the tip of the island so do not worry about losing your way. You can shop at the Ron Jon Surf Shop, Piranha Joe’s and Margarita Ville. As you make your way back, be sure to stop at the Sand Bar for a refreshing drink.


There are various items you can take as souvenirs back home from your amazing vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands and some of them are free.

You can take conch shells from Pelican Beach but you are only allowed to take maximum two shells. No conch shells may be exported during the peak season that is mid-July to mid-October. Remember to take only the shell and not the living thing, because that is not allowed.

Art Provo and Turks & Caicos National Trust provide locally made ceramics which you can take as souvenirs.

You can find batik clothing and locally made jewellery at the two cultural centres on the islands. One is between Ocean Club and Club Med and the other is across the street from the entrance of Veranda Resort. You can also order custom made pieces.

A hard-cover coffee table cookbook from Red Cross is possibly the best souvenirs you can get. In addition to providing you with delicious and mouth-watering recipes, it forwards your payment to Red Cross as charity.

A temporary souvenir is the amazing tan you will get. Also, you can adopt a pot-cake puppy which comes with a carrier, papers and all the vaccinations. So long as you keep the puppy, it will remind you of your splendid vacation in the Turks and Caicos.

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