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Posted on: 18th June 2014

Havana is the historic seaport. It is known as the Key to the New World. American cars are lined along the streets. The streets have Spanish architecture and are lively with African and Caribbean traditions or touch. Cuba colonial past is shown by the Havana’s old decorative concealments, massive-columned palaces and flourishing patios. There is the touch of Spanish, African, Caribbean and American cultures in Havana.

Hotels of Havana:
One should stay in a hotel in La Habana Viejas or Centro if they love history and architecture. The hotels of La Habana Viejas are not so modern, so they don’t provide all of the facilities which are provided in international hotels. Wi-Fi service is not usually available in the hotels in La Habana Viejas. Some hotels provide paid public internet option. The Habaguanex chain hotels are based on distinctive and fascinating perception. For example, Hotel Los Frailes is located in an old mansion. It is planned like convent and is secluded. There are monks in hotel, having friars’ robes. Another hotel named Conde de Villanueva is planned and made for cigar lovers. Hotel Ambos Mundos is in alliance with the American Writer named as Ernest Hemingway. The majority of these hotels can be recommended to others.

Luxurious Havana VacationVedado provides nightlife atmosphere of Manhattan, if one wants to play till the morning. If one wants to enjoy sea breezes, then they should stay in Miramar. If one can’t decide where to stay, then they should go for Hotel Saratoga. It has roof top pool, historical setting and have incomparable service in Cuba. The resort areas which are closest to Havana are Playas del Este. The best of resort areas is Jibacoa. It is closest to the capital and is located on beach. It is 30 minutes drive towards east by car.

Private houses are best for stay. These are not easy to arrange in advance. Taxis are easily available for private houses. Before making the deal, one should carefully analyze the place. Laws of Cuba change suddenly. Taking private rooms on rent may be legal today but may be illegal tomorrow. You can inquire about these things from Airport Hotel Reservation Desk. Hotels which are operated by government accept credit cards because they are not connected with U.S Banks or Companies. Private houses do not accept credit cards.

Restaurants of Havana:

Although Havana is not so modern and they don’t provide large number of overwhelming services but conditions and services are improving. There are many places where one can have good meal. One should go to the top paladares as they provide much better services and home cooked food. These are privately owned restaurants. These are allowed to have 12 seats in their restaurants. The family members can only serve in these restaurants. Their food is generally fresh, reliable and cheap. There are also rules for the food to be served in these restaurants.    Officially Lobster, shrimp and beef can’t be served at paladares. The owners of these restaurants are considerably creative. They serve often lamb as an alternative of beef or crab as an alternative of lobster. The atmosphere of paladares is comfortable and concealed. The tastes and aromas are the best in Havana. The main paladares territories are Vedado, Miramar and Playa districts. Habaguanex chain has grasped La Habana Viejas. The most famous paladares restaurant known as La Guarida is located in Centro Habana.

The restaurants owned by state are average except El Aljibe. They are so well decorated that no one can resist them regardless of their expensive fares. Some hotel restaurants are remarkable. These include the one in the Hotel Nacional which is the Aguiar, the one in the Hotel Presidente which is the Chez Emérito, and also in the Meliá Cohiba.

The two precautions that one should take are:

  • One should beware of stylish but empty hotels or restaurants.
  • One should pay less fare to the restaurants except of the top hotels.

Enjoy your stay in Havana!

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