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Posted on: 17th June 2014

Set in the blue waters of the Caribbean, Anguilla (pronounced ang-gwill-a) is a great attraction for tourists and beach lovers. Bordered by limestone cliffs in the north, it creates picture perfect scenery which is highly appreciated by nature lovers. Anguilla is noted for its coral reefs which are a spectacular sight for divers and its white sandy beaches where tourists can bask in the sun and let go of all stress. The island, with its great variety of cuisine, influenced by native Caribbean, French, Spanish, English and African cuisines, is a great place for food lovers to taste different flavors.

Accommodation in Anguilla

Unlike other islands, Anguilla developed as a tourist spot only recently as its development started in the early 1980s. Due to lack of fertile soil, there is not much agriculture on the island and it is generally a flat surface. Architecture on the island is influenced mostly by the Mediterranean specifically the Greek Islands, Morocco and Spain with some inspiration taken from Miami.

Luxurious Anguilla VacationRanging from luxury beach resorts to locally owned inns, Anguilla has a place to stay for all tourists according to their requirements. Providing luxury and a great range of facilities, the resorts can be surprisingly expensive. On the other hand, inns and small beachfront complexes can provide reasonable accommodation for tourists. For families and for longer stays, there are condo-type accommodations with a kitchen and multiple bedrooms.

It is best to have a talk with the management of any property before choosing where to stay due to the difference in layout, distance from the beach and view between units of the same complex. During summer and spring, packages are available which offer a discount. Hence, while making reservations, ask about any special packages which might be in your favor. Most hotels include a continental breakfast in the package and some hotels might offer meal-plan options for the entire day. But considering the vast variety of cuisine available on the island, it is best not to buy hotel meal plans as it would be more enjoyable to walk around the island while trying out different foods. A 10% tax, 10% service charge and $1 per day per room (tourism marketing levy) is charged by all hotels. Some properties include these charges in the tariffs that they publish while others do not, so check carefully before making reservations.

Private Apartments

Anguilla Travel Planner is an annual publication by the tourist office which contains a list of all the vacation condos, villas and apartments available for rent by tourists.

Anguilla Connection

The Anguilla Connection can be contacted for a list of all the condos and villas available for rent on 264/498-0123 or you can visit the website on

Anguilla Luxury Collection

The operator for this collection also manages the Anguilla Affordable Collection which is a group of less-expensive villas for those who are more interested in the adventures of the outdoors rather than the luxuries of indoors. You can contact the operator on 264/497-6049 or visit the website on

Ani Villas

There are magnificent villas on the cliff side which offer accommodation for up to 24 guests. Overlooking the Caribbean, the villas offer a spectacular view which is sure to take your breath away. The rental rate includes boat transfers from the island of St. Martin, rental car and a complete service team providing butler, chef, concierge, housekeepers as well as breakfast and dinner (including beverages). The villas provide tennis trainers, guides and spa services on demand with additional charges. The villas provide space for about a 100 guests in case of a party or a wedding. There is a tennis court, bikes, fitness room, pool, hot tubs on the cliff side and play rooms which provide plenty of activities for the tourists. You can also check for promotions that include unlimited golf at the Cuisine Art Golf Course. You can contact for further details on 264/497-7888 or visit the website at


Gayle Gurvey owns the largest local company for private villa rentals and has been in business for more than a decade now. She and her staff manage and rent more than 100 local villas. For details, contact on 321/392-0828 or visit the website on

Anguilla Restaurants

Anguilla has around 70 restaurants, ranging from stylish places of haute cuisine to roadside barbecue stands and food carts. There is a place for everyone according to their choice. Many restaurants offer terraces for dining under the starry sky and listening to the splashing of the waves. Call in the off season, usually during winter, to make reservations and in late summers and fall as well, to confirm whether your reservation stands. There is no hurry and the service is often at a relaxed pace so that one can enjoy the view and the ambience. Most of the restaurant owners make sure to be present, especially at dinner so as to make sure that you are pleased by the service and the cuisine.


Casual clothing is acceptable during the day; shorts are good. Bathing suits are only acceptable at beach bars. In the casual cafes and restaurants, casual clothing such as shorts, are okay but elsewhere, women wear sundresses or slacks and men wear short sleeve shirts and casual pants. Some restaurants which are more formal require that men wear long pants.


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