Places To Visit While Vacationing In Amsterdam

Posted on: 16th September 2014

Amsterdam’s Historicsh Museum

Now known as Amsterdam Museum, it is a museum portraying the history of the city. The museum is located in a building which was originally an orphanage. 70,000 objects are managed by the museum and pictures of 25,000 of them are available online for the public to view. From the middle ages to the present, the museum displays various historical items. In addition to archaeological findings, paintings, models and photographs, the museum has on display a white car which was built in the 1960s and designed to be environment friendly. Although the museum is located on a small space, it is probably one of the best museums to visit to quench your thirst for history.

Anne Frank House
Located on the Prinsengracht canal in Amsterdam, the Anne Frank House is a museum dedicated to a Jewish author, Anne Frank, who hid from the persecution of the Nazis in the same building as the museum. The museum is not only an exhibition of her life but also of Europe’s past persecution and discrimination. The museum was opened in 1960. The hiding place of Anne Frank and her family served as a great attraction for tourists who had read her dramatic diary and could picture the past – about nine thousand visitors travelled to the Anne Frank House in the first year of its opening.

Amsterdam VacationThe Begijnhof

A number of historic structures is centered on the Begijnhof which is among the oldest courts of the city. It was founded during the Middle Ages and served as a place of peace and quiet for religious women who were called by the name of beguines. The Begijnhof closely resembled a convent; however, its vow-taking women had more freedom as compared to nuns. The place is home to one of Amsterdam’s two wooden buildings, and other tall structures, which are characteristic of Amsterdam-style architecture. The last beguine, Sister Antonia, died in 1971. The Begijnhof was renovated in 1979 and a community of 105 religious women still resides in the area. Tourists seeking peace and solace can visit this place.

Cruising the canals

The system of canals that are concentrically rung around the city deserve to have you gliding along its length of 97 km. If you want a regular hour-long cruise during the day, all you have to do is approach any of the boating companies that are located in the center of the city. You can also inquire the companies about arranging a private tour of the canals, a candle-lit dinner on-board or any other such luxuries.

The Heineken Experience

The famous Dutch brewing company provides the Heineken Experience for families. It is a historic brewing factory as well as a visitor centre. The visitor centre was opened in 1991 and was called Heineken Treat and Information Centre. The place attracted so many tourists and became so popular that its name was changed to the Heineken Experience. This tour was designed so as to bring Heineken to life. Before 1988, brewing took place on-site which made it appropriate only for men to visit; however, when brewing on-site was stopped, the experience welcomed families to learn about the history of the company, watch how beer was made and obviously get a taste of the beer.

The Rembrandt House Museum

One of the greatest painters in the art history of Europe is Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn who, although, was faced with personal and financial difficulties, managed to make paintings that were very popular in his time. He also taught many painters for twenty years. His home in Amsterdam has been renovated as the Rembrandt House Museum, which portrays the old times in which he lived. Also, his etchings and collection of objects are put on display.

The Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum has opened up to visitors with 7,500 works of art after a renovation project worth 375 million euros. The museum has a total of one million items. It is dedicated to arts and history and is the national museum of the Dutch. The museum has masterpieces by the popular Dutch painter Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Frans Hal, to name a few. Displaying an Asian collection is the museum’s Asian Pavilion.

The Stedelijk Museum

After undergoing renovation that lasted several years, the Stedelijk Museum reopened in September of 2012 with an extension that is called ‘The Bathtub’, thanks to its appearance! It is the city’s most important museum that displays contemporary art. Opened in 1985, the museum is home to various artworks and designs of the 20th-21st century from artists such as KarelAppel, Mondriaan, Vincent van Gogh and Kazimir Malevich.

The Van Gogh Museum

Founded in 1973, the Van Gogh Museum is home to the works of Van Gogh and other painters of his time. The museum has the largest collection of this post-Impressionist painter’s works: five hundred drawings, two hundred paintings and seven hundred and fifty letters. Vincent van Gogh’s wife sold many of his paintings so as to spread knowledge but meanwhile, she kept a few of his works which were inherited by their son Vincent Willem van Gogh. The Stedjelik Museum borrowed these works of art in 1925.


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