Places to Visit While in Seoul, South Korea

Posted on: 24th July 2014

People travel for various reasons – for business purposes, for pleasure, to celebrate a milestone in life, enjoying the honeymoon, or simply just to explore a new place. For whatever reason it may be, Seoul is one sure great place to indulge your sojourner’s appetite. If you need a heads-up as you go around the capital of South Korea, here are the best place to begin with.

  1.   N Seoul Tower. The N Seoul Tower or the Seoul Tower, with a height of 777 feet, is a national landmark which attracts plenty of tourists especially during night time when the tower lights up. Located at the top of Namsam Mountain, it marks the highest point in the city. At the top of this tower, there is a Digital Observatory which lets you enjoy an astonishing 360° view of Seoul for only 500 won (one-time payment). The “N” logo of the tower stands for new, nature, and Namsam. Courting couples love to visit a recent attraction in the Roof Terrace of the tower which is “Locks of Love”. Around the fence are thousands of padlocks attached by romantic Seoulites which symbolize their undying love and affection for their significant other. Mind you though: throwing the keys over the fence is strictly prohibited.
  2. Itaewon Street. If you love shopping, eating and meeting new people, Itaewon Street is a very good place for you. This place designated as Seoul’s first Special Tourism District’ is bursting with a diversity of entertainment, shopping and culture that it is impossible to take it all in just one day. Self-confessed shopaholics or not, you’ll be surprised at all the high-quality goods here which can be rarely found in other places within Korea. Imported clothes, antique furniture, leather goods, vintage finds – these are just some of the delightful things available on Itaewon Street. And if you’re on a food adventure, you won’t be disappointed with the plethora of restaurants here featuring exotic dishes and food specialties representing different countries.  ‘Halal dishes’ are available for Muslim people. And even those with the most discriminating palates won’t be able to resist the excellent array of cuisine here. Itaewon Street is also home to Seoul’s best western-style hangouts as well as the coolest music venues and nightclubs. No wonder it is dubbed as 'Little America in Seoul'.  Even if you cannot speak Korean, making transactions (such as ordering food or shopping for a specific item) here is easy because many of the shop employees are English speakers.
  3. Namdaemun Market. If you are looking for souvenirs to give to your families and friends, don’t miss the Namdaemun Market. This traditional Korean market is the oldest and the largest in the country. Each section has hundreds of stalls that you won’t be able to explore every nook and cranny in just one whole day. This awesome night-and-day market is filled with products – just about anything under the sun! And mind you, at extremely low prices, you can buy a lot from your hard-earned dollars. Of course, you have to brace yourself with the raucous hustle and bustle of the market because you would be literally elbow to elbow with fellow shoppers.
  4. Hongdae. To those people who find dancing and music irresistible, look no further than at Hongdae. It is Seoul’s No. 1 art district and the centre of Korea’s youthful nightlife. All the idiosyncratic rock concerts, music bars and dance clubs are clustered here. These funky establishments celebrate the ‘Hongdae Club Day’ every last Friday of the month, attracting countless party-goers from the younger generation. It started in 2001 to build the clubs’ brands and expand their network. If you want to experience how it is done during the ‘Hongdae Club Day’, an admittance ticket to 11 clubs costs 15,000 won with one drink on the house.
  5. CoeX Mall. CoeX Mall is more than just an ordinary mall. With over 250 stores and entertainment facilities, this vast subterranean maze of a mall has truly got everything you would want and need during your Seoul vacation. Shopaholics and fashionistas would go gaga over endless arrays and stacks of local and foreign brands of merchandise.

N Seoul Tower, Seoul, South KoreaYou can find here the CoeX Aquarium that is home to over 40,000 marine creatures
from more than 650 species. There is also the Megabox Cinema, a multiplex movie house with 16 screens, which has uniquely designed foyers to achieve a futuristic look – geared towards attracting young customers.  Round up your tour at the CoeX Mall by visiting the ASEM Plaza, the Event Court and the Kimchi Museum.

6. Moonlight Rainbow Fountain. Your stay in Seoul won’t be complete unless you see the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain. Commonly known as the Banpo Bridge, it is a two-tiered bridge over the Hangang (River). This bridge consists of 10,000 LED nozzles that shoot down 190 tons of water per minute from each side of the bridge to the river! At night time, the 200 bridge lights up beautifully like a rainbow. It got its place at the Guinness Book of World Record in 2008 when the Banpo Fountain was declared as the longest bridge fountain.

These are just some of the best places you should explore while in Seoul. Are you excited in travelling now? You have six places these six places to start with. Make marvellous memories in Seoul, South Korea and enjoy!

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