Pirate-Hunting While in the Caribbean

Posted on: 18th June 2014

There is often a thin line between fact and fiction, and it especially matters on the person who is telling the story. Same is the case with the adventurous tales of the sailors of St. Thomas such as Blackbeard, Bluebeard, and Sir Francis Drake. If you follow the pirate trail in the Caribbean, you will surely find the story there, though we are not sure whether it is completely true or not.

Starting from the top of Bluebeard’s Hill, go all the way to the east towards Charlotte Amalie. Here, they have built the magnificent Bluebeard’s Castle Hotel. Legend has it that Eduard de Barbe-Bleue, known as Bluebeard, built a stone watchtower over here from where he used to keep an eye on any enemies getting closer.  He had imprisoned his most valued booty, the Senorita Mercedes, in the tower. Finally, one day, Mercedes succeeded in breaking free from the tower and found some treasure chests filled with gold together with garrulous love letters to many other young women. Infuriated by this, Mercedes invited all of his lovers to rob his treasure. With this story in mind, you can have an enjoyable visit as you walk the grounds of the hotel, watch that tower where Mercedes was once imprisoned, and also enjoy an implausible view of the harbour.Caribbean Pirate-Hunting

From the hotel Bluebeard, you can also enjoy the view of another tower, also named after a pirate. This is the Blackbeard’s castle. It lays right on top of the Blackbeard’s Hill, mounting on the north of Government House and the Fort Christian. According to the legend, Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard, sailed the Caribbean sea in the early 18th century though nobody is sure about whether he actually visited this site or not. You can enjoy a good story about Blackbeard and his deceitful gang through guided tours that happen to take place from 9 to 3 o clock whenever the ship lands the port. If you want to get a guide for the tour, you will have to pay 20 dollars per person. But if you want to have a self-guided tour, then you can enjoy the trip only for 12 dollars. Throughout the trail you will encounter large statues of pirates in a position ready to attack you.

Once you reach the hill, drive over towards the Drake’s Seat. This area is named after an Englishman, Sir Francis Drake as he was the one who spied ships approaching the area from what we now know as British Virgin Islands. However, if anyone tells you that the wooden bench on which you are sitting was used by Drake; don’t really believe them, because historians have had a hard time proving that.

Now that you have had a good knowledge of the pirates’ history, head back downtown Charlotte Amalie and Royal Dane Mall. Here you will find many historical facts engraved on the bronze plaques as you move along a passage made of bricks and stones. One of the interesting stories is about a hidden treasure buried long ago in the times of the pirates. Many don’t believe in that, however, there are many who wish that they are the ones who discover it one day.

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