Posted on: 10th November 2014

PINCHme U.S. - $1,000 Giveaway by PINCHme Group, INC.

  • Open date: 28/07/2014 06:01
  • Close date: 30/09/2014 12:00
  • Draw date: 01/10/2014 08:00


  • 1st Prize: Cherie Champeaux in LA
  • 1st Prize: Danielle Fain Schleppy in CO
  • 1st Prize: Randy Anderson in GA

Top winners, all of them! PINCHme U.S. has just given away $1,000 shopping vouchers to Cherie Champeaux in LA, Danielle Fain Schleppy in CO, and Randy Anderson in GA in the competition that closed October 1st, 2014.

The three lucky members of PINCHme have been watching out for the draw which started 28/07/2014 and closed 30/09/2014. And now they have more reasons to ask their family and friends to, “PINCHme!” So they know it’s not a dream!

PINCHme WinnersCherie, Danielle and Randy have been active members of PINCHme, choosing from among the many different new products offered on the site, trying them out, having their say, and got rewarded after each product try. The experience actually made them say, PINCHme, every time. And now, we can hear them exclaim the grandest, PINCHme, as they eagerly plan how to use the shopping voucher given to them.

You too can hear yourself say, PINCHme! When you try out Competition Crazy offerings, you can be sure the contests are legitimate, fun and rewarding. Just look around our site for competitions that are enjoyable and interesting enough for you to want to join. Sign up for the contest, and wait to exclaim, PINCHme!

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