Photography: Landscape Mode

Posted on: 15th October 2013

Landscape mode in current models of digital cameras is perfect for long distance scenes. The other term used by photographers is infinity mode, which can be identified as an icon that looks a lot like a mountain range.

If you want to achieve maximum sharpness and brightness for distant and wide-vistas, use the landscape mode. The same rule applies when you are doing photo shoots that involve distant forests, urban dwellings, and seascapes.

Photography Landscape ModeBy adjusting the focus to infinity, you can maximize the brightness and clarity of the subject or scene. Then again, you don’t always have to check the focus when you are changing your subject or scene. The basic rule is to look for a particular subject that is in the middle of the nearest and farthest surrounding area you want to capture in the photo, especially if you want to include people within it.

Infinity mode also works best when the subject is behind glass walls or chain-link fences.

Landscape mode with an infinity setting usually employs a small lens aperture as well as slow shutter speed to give you a deep depth of field. It will also put emphasis on the subject especially when there is insufficient light in the background. But just to make sure, use a tripod to prevent camera shake.

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