Posted on: 12th October 2013

Auto ISO modes can be found in most digital cameras in the market today. Even when you are in a rush to take shots of different subjects or sceneries, you don’t always have to adjust your ISO number because it will do so depending on the amount of lighting available around. Low ISO mode is best for subjects and sceneries with amply illumination while high ISO mode is applicable for situations where there is lack of lighting.

Photography Auto ISO ModesIf you always tend to take pictures of subjects or sceneries at dark places or during night time, choose a digital camera with a built-in high ISO mode. Usually, it would take a minimum of ISO 400 to be able to adapt well in low and difficult lighting situations.

When the camera is in a high ISO mode, light can enter more quickly because the shutter speed is faster while the apertures used are wider. Even when there is camera shake or the ground where you are standing at is unstable, faster shutter speeds can help avoid pictures from being blurred or unclear.

You don’t need flash mode when your camera is already in a high ISO setting. But remember, if you have a high ISO number, image noise is enhanced. Most photographers prefer to set their ISO manually so they can adjust the noise that can be created while taking different shots at different lighting situations. Furthermore, they would prefer camera tripods than using a high ISO mode.

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