Petrea Mcclymont Won an iPad Mini!

Posted on: 31st October 2013

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Especially if it’s free technology, yippee! Though it may suck a lot of our time, making us unproductive for hours every day, it still is something essential for our modern living. It simplifies things and allows us to master the art of multitasking (yeah, right!)

Going back to free stuff, who wouldn’t be overjoyed with that? And that’s how Petrea Mcclymont described it to be? Let’s look at what she has to say about her awesome technology win.

Do you already have an iPad mini? If none, how does it feel winning one?
I didn't own an iPad mini or any iPad when I won the prize, I was utterly ecstatic to hear that I had been so lucky, I was so grateful. It was a thrilling shock and I love that now I own an iPad mini, It’s great!!

What do you think are the strongest features of the iPad mini?
I love the iPad mini, everything about it, it’s simple to use and has no attached drama, from the battery life to the programming, it is amazing, and the ease of operation is incomparable.

Petrea Mcclymont Winner of iPad MiniWhat do you think are its weakest aspects (compared to other tablets in the market)?
I don't think I can honestly point out a flaw in the iPad mini, I own another brand of tablet and it simply doesn't compare.

What do you consider as your most favourite apps?
I have a few great apps on my iPad mini, the range of apps available is incredible. Personally I love the “shazam” app, as I really love music and often find myself listening to a great song, clueless to what it’s called and unable to find it again, “shazam” eliminates that problem.

What new apps would you definitely download for your new iPad mini?
I would say a must have app for the iPad mini is temple run, it’s a great pass time, and a fun game, but common enough that you don't feel strange playing it.

Do you have any tips for compers out there dying to win an Apple product like the one you just did?
I definitely think that any competition you come across with a prize that interests you, be it an iPad mini or any other prize, you should enter. I definitely wasn't expecting to win this prize but I was extremely lucky and blessed. You have to be in it to win it and so I suggest you always take the chance.

Do you look forward to winning Apple devices in the future? Why or why not?
I most definitely look forward to entering and hopefully winning more Apple-related competitions, it’s a great boost of confidence to feel that your luck may be in your favour and it’s a huge help to obtain a product through a prize. I couldn’t be more thankful and grateful for the iPad mini that I have won. Thank you!!

There you have it guys! Just like Petrea, you could get lucky too and bag that next Apple device for free! One thing’s for sure about this: money’s never looked good when it stays in our pocket. Good luck with your comping adventures!

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