Posted on: 10th July 2014

The government has provided the laws and regulations for online competitions in Australia designed not only to protect the consumers but also the organizers and promoters. Before running a competition, they are also required to provide some requirements and get the correct permits from the local authorities. In some areas it is usually the value of the prize in the competition that is the basis and which determines the cost of the applicable permit. Permits in some states are required only for games of chance, and don’t require the same for skill-based contests.
Rules and regulations for acquiring permits may vary in different territories and regulations are subject to change - this is why it is good advice to contact your local authority before running your competitions. Make sure you always follow the laws, rules and regulations set by the authorities.

Online Competition Permits and RequirementsRegularly consult legal counsels to guide you and help you to run your promotions and online contests. This will help you avoid any embarrassing situation and costly delays and awkward moments that may arise with some misunderstanding with the authorities.

Australian Capital Territory ACT

Everyone who wants to hold competitions and promotions in ACT are required to get the necessary permits.  The value of the prize of competition will determine the amount you have to pay to get a permit. For more information, go to GRC website.

New South Wales

Permits are required only to all that will hold games of chance competitions and promotions, and it is regardless of the amount of the prize.  Games of skills do not require permits in NSW. For more information, go to OLGR website.

Northern Territory

If the prizes given away in the competition are more than $5,000 AUD, permits are required to run a competition. For more information, visit Dept of Justice NT website.


Regardless of the amount of the prize, permits are not required by the Queensland authorities for competitions and promotions. For more questions and information, go to OLGR website.

South Australia

Permits are necessary for games of chance competitions with prizes that are more than $5,000 AUD,  if it is less it will be considered as a ‘minor lottery’ which does not require any permits. Games of skills competitions are not required to secure permit regardless of the value of the prize.  Unless there are some elements of randomness in determining the winner they will be required to acquire the necessary permits. For more information and questions, visit OLGR website.


Regardless of any type of competitions and any amount of prize value, permits are not required by the state to run competitions. If you need more information, visit the DRGL website.


Permits are required for competitions if the value of prize is more than $5,000 AUD. For more information, go to VCGR website.

Western Australia

As long as there are no entry fees or contestants are free to enter, permits will be not required to run a promotion or online competition. For more questions and information see the DRGL website.

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