Pampering Yourself and Enjoying Pregnancy

Posted on: 12th October 2013

At last! The good news has arrived. But you still have a long way to go before delivery day. No need to fret. Even though the baby is still your top priority, it doesn’t mean you have to neglect yourself. Remember, a delightful and satisfied mom means a happy, healthy baby too. Thank God you now have all the reasons to deserve a VIP treatment.

Here are 25 great suggestions to baby yourself during that riveting 9-month journey:

  1. Delight yourself in a warm, cozy bath. A long day at work, the traffic jam, and the clamoring crowd, what could be worse? Wash away all the dirt and stress and relax in warm waters. It is the perfect excuse to use your expensive aromatherapy bath salts. Or you can mix them with lavender or bergamot essential oils. Ask your midwife on the proper amount needed for your warm bath.
  2. Get a fabulous haircut. Visit your hairdresser and let him/her give you a new look. Try to stick with a low-maintenance style but it should be satisfying enough for your taste.
  3. Satisfy yourself with a soothing massage. Ask a licensed therapist to calm your frayed nerves and eliminate your backaches. Or, you can ask your husband to give you a foot massage using aromatherapy massage oils such as cypress and geranium.
  4. Have a quiet time. Read the Bible and other inspiring stories that can uplift your spirit and strengthen your relationship with your Creator. Hold on to Bible verses that will take your fears away, boost your confidence and increase your hope when you are anxious or distressed.
  5. Start a favorite past time or hobby. Or continue a long overdue one. Play the piano. Keep yourself busy with arts and crafts. Have a DIY knitting project for your baby. Make a belly cast which can be a special souvenir for this one-of-a-kind journey of your life.Enjoying Pregnancy
  6. Have a good laugh. And keep smiling. All the time. It’s good for your heart and soul. And for the baby. Have a private joke with your husband. Reminisce the sweet memories of your family and thank God for all the blessings in your life.
  7. Connect with old friends. Give them a call and schedule a lunch date to catch up with each other’s lives. Or make new ones and have a fun girl’s night out. Go bowling or watch a baseball game. Better yet, invite them to your home and have them prepare for you their special dinner recipe.
  8. Go shopping. This is the best time to buy your nursing bra, the baby’s clothes and accessories, and your maternity clothing as well. There are many great options that are both stylish and comfortable.
  9. Watch a feel-good movie. Take a look at what’s new in theaters tonight. Or just rent a DVD and watch it with your family.
  10. Treat yourself to a romantic dinner. Relive the romance and let the sparks fly all over again. Go to a fancy restaurant and be treated like a queen.
  11. Go for a ride. Enjoy the freshness of the air in the countryside or maybe just admire the view from outside the bustling city.
  12. Kick back, relax, and soak under the sun. You can do this at the comforts of your backyard (while your husband is doing something great with the barbecue grill); at the local swimming pool with a lot of active kids practicing their swimming strokes; or, at the beach, where you have an excuse to wear that sizzling hot two-piece you’ve been hiding in your closet.
  13. Go on a vacation. Let your travel agent schedule you on this week-long holiday for you and your husband. You also need not to go too far from home. the important thing is that you can relax and pamper yourself before the baby arrives.
  14. Take pictures. A lot of pictures. Flash a smile and click away while you can have it. All of these will make a wonderful photo album that can be a family treasure.
  15. Have a manicure/pedicure. Your nails grow faster during pregnancy so keep it in top shape. It feels good when others comment on how great-looking your nails are.
  16. Maintain a journal. Write down your birth plan, your fears and expectations, even your to-do list before delivery day. List down the milestones during this extraordinary period of your life and pass this on to your children someday.
  17. Enjoy a picnic day. Bring along the whole family. Spend time with your friends and their kids, get some Mom tips from them, and listen to their unique family experiences.
  18. Do accessorize. Who says you’re limited to buying maternity clothing? Buy several pieces that you can use even after you are pregnant.
  19. Do not resist the urge to sleep, sleep, and sleep. During daytime, on weekends, or as much as needed. You may never know when you can have a full 8-hour sleep when that sweet bundle of joy comes.
  20. Listen to your favorite music. Lullabies and classical music will make you feel less stressed and depressed. Your husband’s special song for you is also a simple yet inexpensive way to baby yourself.
  21. Dance away! It’s fun, good for the baby, and gives you more energy. Even when you have two left feet, you don’t have to be conscious about the steps!
  22. Succumb to the sweet taste of your favorite dessert. Satisfy your craving even for just once a week. Stay away from processed desserts and artificial sweeteners. Homemade brownies from dark chocolate chips sound nice. Or, a nutritious fruit salad too.
  23. Declare a “chore-free day” at home. Schedule a day where your husband and children can take over all your responsibilities so you can have a memorable R&R at home.
  24. Have a prayer partner. It is especially important that you and your husband take time to talk to God. Committing yourself to this special activity will give you the wisdom you need in making decisions not only during your pregnancy but for the rest of your family life.
  25. Take time to smell the flowers. Admire the beauty of nature. Hear the birds sing. Appreciate the surroundings. Be still and praise God for giving you this once in a lifetime opportunity to have a baby.

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