Our Hyundai i30 Competition Winner Tells All

Posted on: 30th November 2015

Tomorro caught up with SHESAID’s latest car winner, Heather Cameron, as she prepared to pick up her brand new Hyundai i30. While it took “a full day” for the good news to set in after initially thinking she was being fooled, Heather is now more excited than ever and is making the most of her prize in more ways than one – literally. She tells all:

Congratulations! Did you ever think when you entered the competition you would actually win?

No, I’ve never really won anything before, so I didn’t expect that to happen at all – it was an incredible surprise.

How did you feel when you got the call to say you’d won?

I didn’t believe him, I actually thought he might have been a spammer! It took him a little while to convince me and when it finally sunk in it was fantastic. I couldn’t believe it, but eventually it sunk in and it was just wonderful.

You found the competition on Facebook – how did you initially come across it, and do you usually enter competitions through Facebook?

No, it’s a pretty rare thing for me to do actually. I don’t usually enter competitions at all, but my car is starting to put plenty of kilometres on it and I thought: ‘Oh yeah, well why not. I’ll go for it!’

I think perhaps a friend had entered also and had shared the comp onto my page – so that was really good.

It only took 3 entries for you to win, did you use the share and win feature on Facebook to do so?

I shared it with all my friends, so I guess that would be 160 or something like that… I might have seen it pop back up on my newsfeed, I’m not sure – and that could be why I entered it multiple times.

Do you enter many online competitions?

No, again I don’t, it’s a pretty rare thing. Although I’m now starting to! I was on the SHESAID site the other day and I saw one for the iPhone, so I had a go at that. I’m sure lightening can’t strike twice, but you never know. So pretty much anything that comes up that looks interesting – cars, holidays, the whole sort of gambit.

You currently drive an X-Trail, will you be upgrading?

I’ve selected an i30, as was in the picture of the competition. While it’s a lot smaller than the X-Trail, its fuel consumption is amazing because I have to drive – I probably do about 800km a week getting to and from work. So that fuel economy will make an enormous difference.

Are you going to keep the 4WD?

No, it’s going to get traded in. So that will give me some cash in hand, too, at the end of the whole exercise. It’s just fantastic.

After entering our competition you signed up to receive content from Hotel Club and Kogan (both who helped to pay for the car), have you purchased anything from them?

I get emails from them occasionally and some of the Kogan stuff is really tempting, but I haven’t actually purchased anything, but I do have a good look at it.

Exactly how has winning a $25,000 car voucher from Hyundai changed your life?

Oh, it’s amazing. As I’ve just said, I’ve ended up with a new car, with some cash in hand and my x-trail was just starting to have enough kilometres on it to be a bit of a worry. So I had a bit of concern and what was I going to do, and I needed major repairs on it, so that worry’s now gone. And with the cash in hand I might be able to get some solar panels that will reduce my cost of living, which will be fantastic. AND, I might be able to get my kids a little something as well.

What’s been the reaction from your friends and family?

They’re totally stoked, it’s been great. They’ve been really happy for me… One of the first things they say is: ‘Well, I’m starting to enter it [competitions] now!’

Any road trips planned in the new car?

I’ll be driving to work, but I also do like having the odd road trip and this will make it much more comfortable and cost a whole lot less.

Your final note?

Just to thank you, thank everyone there and it’s a great thing. I’m very excited!

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