Online Competition and Social Responsibility

Posted on: 28th June 2014

More companies, corporations, conglomerates are jumping into the new trend that has caught on in the corporate world. Environmental awareness, issues and concerns of the people have driven business organizations to impart or try to project to everyone their love and concern for the environment. They want to show their deep interest, desire to help, and their initiative, and anything to show that they support efforts helping the environment. Sincere or not, enough or not, it has brought more financial support, focus and attention in each company’s strategy to show the world their concern and that they are doing something for the environment. Driven by selfish motives or not, Corporate Social Responsibility has endeavoured many businesses to take on new, practical, helpful and worthy activities that are intended to promote, in some form or another, environmental causes and at the same time promote their products and company.
And one platform corporations are using is the online competition. There are all sorts and types of online competition a company can avail to promote their products, from recycling, to writing contests, to literally promoting and giving away their eco friendly products online. At the same time, online promoters and marketers using environmental themes have no difficulty finding sponsors for their competitions.

Online Competition and Social ResponsibilityHow to Run a Promotional Competition

If you want the rewards of being able to present your company through philanthropic contests and prize draws, here are some how-to-tips to consider:

  1. Know your goals and objectives. You will be able to choose from all sorts and forms of competition that you can use in your contest. It will help you decide what kind of promotional contest you will want to have, from your capacity and capabilities to run such competition, to what you want to accomplish, to how you are going to measure your success after the event.
  1. Who are your target audience? Who can join your contest? What is your strategy? How are you going to promote your competition, even before and during the contest? Some promote their events online and conduct the contest in a public venue on the day of the event.
  1. Formulate the rules, terms and conditions, depending on what you want to accomplish. Then clearly lay them out. Make it simple and easy to understand from start to finish, so there won’t be any confused feelings felt by the entrant.
  1. Post analysis is very important, to measure success or failure of the event. The mistakes, lessons learned and areas for improvement. Did your competition live up to your expectation and purpose? Did it serve its purpose? Do more people know your cause, product and business?  Are you satisfied or would you have wished to change to another form of competition? Did it boost the credibility of your cause, business and product?

How to Find Sponsors to Support Your Cause

Australian competitions partnerships are worthwhile endeavours. You can team up with a greater number of people, who would help make your contest a viral hit and earn your company promotional mileage even after the contest.

Promoting a worthy cause through online competition is not as difficult as before. Running an event for a cause can be very rewarding to you, your sponsors and participants as well. It is very engaging especially in recent times, when people are always more than willing to be part of a public event for a cause. Many individuals, groups and organizations volunteer themselves to help out on social media or in some cases, on the day of the event and they just really want to help out because of the cause you are espousing.  Just do not forget to give thanks and recognize their efforts, do not forget to mention individual names, groups and organization during the credits.  This is not a bad deal considering the amount of money you are saving for the promotion online, or instead of hiring other people to help you run things on the day of the event. Plus the rapport you are building with these very supportive people is priceless.

Sponsors are also lining up and they are very eager to be part of a worthy cause, with many willing to not just provide prizes and giveaways but also help finance your events as major sponsors. All you have to do is earn a good name for yourself, a respectable and sincere desire to help a cause. And a very good and clear proposal that needs to feature and highlight how your sponsor will truly benefit from your proposed event.

Benefits of Online Marketing

One of the greater returns of investment is the branding your company and your product get as a result of your online marketing through online competitions. You receive multiple hits on your website; get positive feedbacks via email, posts and bloggers. They share about your contest in relevant groups like LinkedIn and as a result you get invited to other contests. The Facebook likes, Twitter following and other social media buzz get you to your end goal of building your brand by helping others.

But you don’t have to end your efforts when the contest ends. Make the most of the attention you get and get the world to check out the rest of your site. Present your best self, best content and show off why you should be part of their regular internet habit. Think and plan beyond the online competition to continue building up a strong foundation for your brand.

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