Online Competition: An Alliance Of Giving

Posted on: 26th April 2013

Online CompetitionThere's a new fad for corporations with millions of dollars behind them: philanthropy competitions. These contests involve rewarding ingenious individuals and organisations that are trying to make their mark in the society; whether it's about promoting something as simple as better values or something as grand as saving the world.

Global conglomerates are becoming more involved in launching different types of online contests and prize draws. Not from the goodness of their hearts, but because

  • Competitions are powerful tools for brand promotion
  • They strengthen their relationship with loyal customers
  • They attract potential new customers

Basically, it's a good way to keep thriving in the world of business. In our technology driven world, this is not bad idea at all. Competitions mean more people liking you on Facebook, following you on Twitter, and visiting your website.


How to Run a Successful Promotional Competition


If you want to enjoy all the business benefits of offering contests and prize draws to your target audience, consider the following useful tips:

  • Know your objective. What is your goal for launching a promotional competition? When the competition ends, how will you measure its success?
  • Determine your audience base. Who can enter the contest? Which strategies will you adopt to promote the contest as soon as it opens?
  • Lay out all the rules and conditions. What do you need from the entrants? Do you have a clear plan that they can follow from start to finish?
  • Do a post-analysis of the event. What did you learn from it? In what ways did it boost the credibility of your brand? What will you do better next time?

How to Encourage Sponsors to Support Your Cause


Australian competition partnerships are a great way to spread goodwill in the online community. You get to promote your brand effortlessly, people put their confidence in your product or service, and you establish a rapport with other companies.


Of course, you have to give people something that is really worth their time, focus and effort. Don’t skimp on your prizes. It doesn’t have to set you back thousands of dollars, but it should be something that really attracts attention.


If you are just starting out or if you don’t have the budget to offer impressive rewards, look out for sponsors that can help out. If you think nobody’s going to do it without you offering something in return, trade your own product or service with them. If your competition has a humanitarian angle or can be classified as a charity, many civic organisations can offer something for free.

Then again, most companies are more than willing to donate their merchandise or volunteer their service without any charge at all. Show a little bit of gratitude by regularly mentioning your willing sponsors throughout the duration of the competition.

One good side effect of teaming up with sponsors is you can discretely build your promotional force (without using a megaphone). This will help you to get as many people as possible involved in your contest. Of course, you have to get the right people and you have to make them look good. It will turn your contest into a viral hit and you get an endless string of promotions: even after the contest ends.


Benefits of Contest Marketing


One of the biggest payoffs of contest marketing is the brand buzz. You get flooded with so much positive feedback via email, blog comments, and posts from other bloggers. All those Facebook likes, Twitter mentions and other social media hype is perfect for achieving your end goal: building your brand by giving back.

It is both a selfish yet selfless act. A totally ingenious plan, if you think about it.

But don’t stop there. Make the most of this splurge of attention by showing off. This is the perfect time to shine and stand out in a positive light. Let the world know why you're the best and encourage them to click through to your site. Unleash your best content, your greatest theories, and your smartest posts. Just be the best version of yourself and you will soon capture their hearts forever.

Think beyond the online competition and the stuff you have to give away at first. By doing so, you're creating a strong foundation for your brand.

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