Not Winning At Lottery? Check out Whether You Are Not Calling In Bad Luck

Posted on: 6th August 2014

Winning LotteryOne way to ensure that you win a lottery is to court Lady Luck. Another way, is to ensure that you do not antagonize her and send her away. Here are a few superstitions collected from all over the world that indicate bad luck. Some of them are omen of bad luck.  Learn to read the signs so you can improve your chances to win.

Things that will bring you/ indicate bad luck

  1. Own in daytime – it is a bad omen to see an owl flying in day time; you are in for some financial loss.
  1. Picking Up Money – normally finding a penny on the sidewalk is considered lucky. However, if it is tails-up and you pick it up, it will bring you bad luck.
  1. Killing Bugs – ladybird bug is considered lucky; so is a small brown spider. If you see any of these, or they come to you, you will enjoy good fortune. However, if you kill either you will face misfortune. It is the same if you kill a bee. Bees entering your home is a sign of prosperity.
  1. Owl Hoots – if you hear an owl hooting three times, you will see some tough luck ahead.
  1. Pigeons – if pigeons come to make a nest in your home, or outside you will experience lots of good luck.
  1. Putting Out Your Left Leg First – if you are going for some important work – like buying a lottery – start with your right foot. Starting with the left foot dooms your effort to failure.
  1. Crow’s flight – if you find a crow flying across your path, whatever you do that day will end up bad. However, if you see two crows crossing your path, whatever you do that day will meet with success.
  1. Mirrors – breaking a mirror indicates 7 years of bad luck – unless you pick up every piece and throw it in a river/ ocean. Do not throw it in a lake; to ward of bad luck, it should be thrown in running water.
  1. Ants – if you see a colony of ants moving – you will know by seeing them carrying their eggs – it means luck is leaving you.
  1. Magpie – one for sorrow, two for joy. If you see one magpie you will experience bad luck during the day. If you see two, there will be good luck coming your way.

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