Never Too Old to Win the Lottery

Posted on: 8th September 2013

Merle and Pat Butler, both in their early 60's, recently won the $656 million dollar Mega Millions lottery. The couple decided to take the lump sum amount and were able to come away with $110 million after taxes took its share. The couple also shared their winnings with two other lottery winners that decided to remain anonymous which is why they received only a third of their potential earnings. Since the couple is from Illinois, the law states that they must be named and remaining anonymous is not an option.

Win the LotteryThe couple bought their ticket from a local gas station called Motomart in Red Bud, Illinois. Their ticket cost about $3, a worthy investment indeed! The couple plans to take a vacation and then most likely will invest their money in some form. They also plan to remain living in Red Bud as it is a friendly community with good people and don't plan on moving anywhere else.

The couple didn't share their specific strategy on how they won. It could have just been shear luck. But one lottery winner Richard Lustig has won over 7 times already. One of his main tips is to stick to the same numbers over and over. This could be your birthday or anniversary, but the point it to stay the course with same numbers every time you play. Many people spend a lot of money on lottery tickets, so its better to have a sound strategy going into the process. Lustig also said to increase the chances of becoming a single winner, it would be better to bet on higher numbers. The odds are still stacked heavily against you, about 175 million to 1, but small tips can help.

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