Nelida Lombard $1M Atlantic Lottery Winner

Posted on: 21st September 2013

Imagine - you spend years and years playing, and you think the day will never come. It's simply just been a dream all of these years; a dream that isn't likely to ever come true. But then there's a strange day. You wake up and everything just feels different. The announcer on TV lists the numbers, and you get a strange feeling of familiarity. And then it hits you. Those are your numbers! You've won! Finally, all of those years have paid off, and it feels good. That's what it was like for Nelida Lombard who became a millionaire because of her participation playing the Atlantic Lottery.

Who is Nelinda Lombard

A SAtlantic Lottery Winneraunierville, NS, Lombard had been playing the Atlantic Lottery Canada for years; in fact, she had not only used the same numbers every time, but she had used the same numbers for over thirty years. She had won Atlantic's largest jackpot and it is a 6/49 type of game - meaning that her odds of winning were nearly one in 14 million. Luckily however, when you purchase a ticket, you receive two different sets of numbers. This system enables your chances of winning to go up to almost one in seven million. Lombard's years of commitment showed her that it was all worth the wait. Apparently, she was in such shock that it took her three weeks to come to terms with the reality that she really was a winner.

Basic Tips Lottery Winners Use

If Lombard has taught us anything, it's that winners use a system - and she's not the only one. Most winners admit that they do a lot of different things in order to increase their likelihood of winning big. Below are a few basic tips that they use:

1. When you pick your numbers, try to have a balanced mix of even and odd numbers.

2. Examine a list of past winning numbers.

3. Never play out of desperation. Always purchase your ticket(s) in a happy spirit.

4. If you're hoping for luck, you're doing it wrong. It's a game of probability.

Start participating today and you could become a millionaire!

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