Most Reliable and Value-Packed Cars for Family 2013

Posted on: 2nd October 2013

Car manufacturers have raised the standards in creating vehicles that would gain the approval of parents – high mileage, newer technology under the hood, more fuel-efficient.  But of course, the number one consideration would be safety. Here’s a round-up of the safest and smartest family cars that are also worth the price. These cars won’t also embarrass you in terms of cool features and stylish designs.


  1. Subaru Impreza. This all-wheel drive is a foul-weather standout has 27 MPG rating while in the city (36 MPG on the highway). Starting at $17,895, this compact sedan with its steering-wheel audio controls standard is a great value for adventurous families. Those that tote along strollers, sports gear, and other bulky items might consider the wagon-style Sport version starting at $20,795 to be more practical. You can be sure you won’t encounter any untoward accidents every time you back up, thanks to its wide rear visibility. When you’re on the freeway, the Impreza feels quick and stable while boasting more mileage than you would usually get from a smaller, less powerful car. If you have money to spare, your kids would love the two-prong outlet for all their games ($260). Other a la carte options include an organizing tray for the centre storage box ($30).
  1. Honda Civic. Its agility around the town and stability on the open road are some of the best things that have happened in the updated Civic. Starting at $18,165, it has 28 MPG in the city and 39 MPG on the highway. Great features that make it a big winner are: the slanted dashboard – making it easy to access controls without taking your eyes off the road. You can also expect front armrest that slide and that which you can customise, depending on the size of the driver. Its rear-view camera is another standard safety feature. The base LX model is very appealing to many buyers because its LCD screen has this smart phone design that even plays your favourite iPod tunes. Heating ducts are available in its rear sits to keep your little ones relaxed and cosy. All this without draining your gas allowance quickly, thanks to its excellent fuel economy.Most Reliable and Value-Packed Cars
  1. Ford Fusion. Don’t let this Aston Martin lookalike fool you at first glance.  But it really is a worthy investment because of its upgrade on versatility, roominess, and high quality interiors. The retooled Fusion starts at $21,900 and is a sure-fire winner for parents looking for a more stylish option. Harried parents would find it soothing with its handsome interior and thoughtful touches like a storage tray that's big enough to hold a purse. The Fusion’s tight steering is great for city driving at 22 MPG (34 on the highway). All your Woolworths stock-ups can easily fit in the spacious trunk together with your family's travel luggage. The remote start is a luxury for warming up the car before taking your toddler to day care. And you don’t have to worry getting your perfectly manicured nails because of its capless gas tank especially when there are only self-serve filling stations only by the road. You can expect all three engine choices bearing the same robust four cylinders geared towards fuel economy optimization without embarrassing you in the freeway. If you prefer an all-wheel drive, then you have to shell out $32,000 for its top-end Titanium line.
  1. Honda Accord. Starting at $21,680, the redesigned Accord has impressive standard features that are hard to beat such as spacious cabin and great mileage. Aside from that, it offers taut handling, dual-zone climate control and a rear-view camera. Its rear-seat armrest has cup holders; push it up and you'll have no trouble fitting three car seats. The touch-screen display in higher trim lines organizes the audio and climate systems as well as customizable settings for the power windows, locks, and lights. You can still generate impressive power on the road without the outrageous gas bill thanks to the economical four-cylinder engine. It goes 27 and 36 MPG in the city and on the highway, respectively. If you want to keep up with the joneses, there’s a plug-in version that can go 10 miles on electric power before the gas engine kicks. It will set you back by $40,000, though.
  1. Toyota Prius C. If you have up to two kids on the tow 24/7, you can save at the dealership and the filling station by getting this baby Prius. It is a terrific bargain starting at $19,080 considering there are nine air bags to protect everyone on board. Moreover, you don’t have to fear of slipping beneath your seat belt in a crash, thanks to its front-seat cushions. You can also opt to get a folding rear seat for a more convenient travel time but it can set you back for an additional $950. Then again, it makes it possible to stash a portable crib in back while still enabling you to transport your baby. It runs at 53 MPG in the city and 46 MPG on the highway. A conventional compact won’t give you the same crisp handling of the Prius. Plus, you can save as much as $500 a year because it delivers exceptional mileage.


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