More Tips to Help You Win Online Baby Competitions

Posted on: 17th July 2014

Parents always get excited every time they get free stuff for their babies. Be it from their family or friends and for some, prizes from online competitions, freebies and samples are always welcomed and not to be shunned. This is why online baby contests have always been hits and popular - they never run out of enthusiastic parents that are willing to join the fun and challenging baby competitions.

There are a huge number of baby contests available online that are just waiting for any interested parent to join. Big corporations and manufacturers of baby food, diapers, branded baby clothes, strollers and other high quality baby stuff, regularly give away their products to promote their company and merchandise in order to attract more customers.

Win Online Baby CompetitionsTips to increase your chances of winning more baby stuff online:

•           You must first try to join a competition to win a prize. Find the strength and courage to take the first step of entering an online contest. The fear of encountering scammers should not stop you from trying out and having fun competing in an online baby competition. There are many legitimate competitions that are out there and all you have to do is look for them.  There are several websites that can help you like competition crazy that provides a list of legitimate online competition. And as usual, you have to take all the necessary precautions to make sure the site you like to enter is legit.

•           Look for undersubscribed sites. One way to increase your chances is to also focus on the less popular competitions, where there would be fewer contestants that translate to you having a higher chance of winning the top prize, instead of concentrating on those highly advertised, popular competitions and contests with highly sought after premium prizes.              Another way to find less popular competitions is try to go after contests that are more complicated and require some extra effort. Many competitors tend to avoid these kinds of competitions, but this could a gold mine for you where your odds of winning the competition are increased.

•           Try joining a baby photo contest this can be a very fun experience for both parents and child. Before taking pictures of your child and sending your entry, read carefully and understand the rules and requirements to avoid disqualification. Is the age of your child within the limits? What is the required size of photos? Do they let pictures be Photo-shopped or not? And if organizers want high quality pictures, this means photos taken by cellular phones will not be accepted.

•           You might as well be a little adventurous and try your luck on free samples for baby products. There are sites dedicated in giving away free samples including the latest baby products, and all you have to do is sign up for the mailing list or you will only have to make an honest comment or suggestion after you use the product.  Or better yet, if you want and like to have specific baby products try writing the manufacturers making the same product, informing them that you are looking to try out  products for the use of your baby and promise that if you and your baby likes them you would purchase their products and recommend it to your friends and family. Usually companies would respond to requests for samples and sometimes give you other samples to try as well because these are part of their promotional strategy to introduce their products to gain loyal consumers.

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