More Tips for Joining Baby Competitions

Posted on: 11th July 2014

Over the years baby competitions have grown and increased as companies producing baby products are constantly launching marketing campaigns and strategies to gain a foothold on the market or to get ahead of competitors in the lucrative world of baby merchandise and products.
In the belief that baby competitions and contests are more cost effective ways to personally reach customers than the other forms of marketing schemes, companies organize and sponsor all kinds of events and baby competitions and even giving away free samples to introduce their newest merchandise to capture the loyalty of parents.
They also capitalize on the parent’s desire and instinct to always give their little ones the best things available. Once a parent is convinced that a certain product can provide the most or can deliver the most benefit for their child - no matter how costly it may be - a parent would not hesitate to purchase or acquire them.

Baby CompetitionsHere are some tips when joining different baby competitions.

•           Know your competition. There are many kinds of baby competitions, online photo contests, pageant shows, talent shows, and more. Depending on what contest you are interested in or the talents you’ve seen where the child’s potential may excel, or even the prizes you want or desire to have for your child and most of all, if you can handle the kinds of demand the competition will have on you and your child – these will decide what competitions you are entering.

•           Know the rules of the competition, read the rules carefully. Each competition has different sets of rules terms and conditions and the requirements. Understand them very well, know the criteria how they choose the winners and the reasons for disqualifications.

•           Know your baby’s talent. As the child grows, they are beginning to explore their capabilities and you will begin to see their talent in the things they like to do. You must try to encourage them even if the things they do usually change every day. Being a wise, understanding, nurturing and supportive parent will always play a major role and impact on a child’s healthy over all cognitive, creative and personality development. This will help a lot if you and your child are planning to enter a talent competition or pageant. Or you just want your child to grow up as a well rounded person. The goal in winning any talent competition is to impress and capture the judges and audience heart and interest with a spectacular performance. You must also know and work on the criteria’s on how the judges pick the winners. These are personality, stage appearance, originality, audience response and overall performance. It is always a plus if the child can naturally pull out something more from within like his uniqueness and the ability to captivate anyone who is watching.

•           Know what it takes to join a baby pageant. One of the greatest challenges in baby competitions is that you will need to invest a large amount of time and patience, dedication and most important of all is the willingness of your child to go through all of it. Never force or manipulate a child, judges can usually tell if the child’s heart is not into the competition.

Judges literally and constantly observe the children not only when they are at the podium but also during the entire competition to see their real demeanour and the development of the child’s cognitive capacity, social and psychological abilities, speech development, his/her overall appearance, winning smiles and the ability to awe the judges, which are some of the bases of choosing winners.

•           Know your baby photo competitions. You can find many helpful tips from friends, online, in forums on how to get the top prize. One of the basic things to remember in joining photo contests is to follow all the rules and requirements. It is important that you always study and learn the ins and outs of the competition before joining one to increase your chances.

It is actually one of the most exciting competitions, because it allows parent and child to have fun together especially if you are the ones that will take your own baby’s pictures. The pleasure of seeing and putting on different outfits on your kid, the preparation for the different backdrops and props to get the best photo of your child, the bonding alone of parent and child are precious moments. The beautiful pictures that you will capture and your selfies with your child are priceless. Winning the competition or not, all these pictures and experiences, and memories are going to be treasures forever.

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