More on Brig’s Competition Quest – and Winnings, too!

Posted on: 18th August 2013

Brigitte Nieberl of QLD started out her blog because she wanted to try her hand on comping. Though she has a full time day job ( as a receptionist at Bowls Club), she uses her free time entering comps so she can prove that there really are great stuff out there that can be yours for the taking, only you’ve got to be in it to win it!

She won an Anti-Aging set posted on her 13 May 2013 entry. She wasn’t sure what competition it was from but she’s not complaining.

ABrigitte Nieberl Competition Questnd then, for her 22 May 2013 entry, she posted her two winnings for two straight days. The first one was a double pass to Sol Beer Party in Brisbane. Unfortunately, she got the notice the day before the event and she has to go to work at that day.

The next one was a Manicare pack.

And from her 3 July 2013 entry, she got an invite to a wine tasting event. Not really exactly a win but for her, that surely was because she loves wine and just being invited to any event.

And then last 20 July 2013, she won a $200 sunglass hut voucher!

Her most current post from 26 July 2013 featured her winning a Fridge-to-Go, 1.5 litre bottle cooler bags from Ecochick.

Good luck Brig on your competition quest and more winnings in the future!


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