More Great Tips to Get Free Stuff Online

Posted on: 23rd July 2014

As more people are joining the ranks of professional compers, it’s getting more difficult to get on top or even get ahead of the pack and at the same time avoiding the traps laid down by scammers. On the bright side, getting free stuff has gotten easier than ever, you only have to be patient enough, look at the right places and not be too picky for you receive your gifts and prizes.

  1. Get Free Stuff OnlineSome companies even give away fabulous products as samples for just a promise that you will help promote and advertise their merchandise through the net, even through word of mouth to your friends, acquaintances, and family. Some require a little more effort than that, and you have to make and send some report about the product. Some even encourage participants to be honest, good or bad; they want an objective comment about the product.  The bottom line is that these companies are really willing and are open to the idea of giving away many of their products this way to attract, gain and get more loyal customers.
  2. Try free shopping on the internet.  To be internet savvy make a list of sites that give away free products. Oh, if you don’t know yet, really there are sites that regularly give away free stuff in their sites. In fact it is what they are commissioned to do, give away some free stuff. Like,,,
  3. Be green-minded. There are several sites that promote causes for the environment, where they encourage recycling that also minimize carbon footprints. One site is where you can get for free, products that are still in good condition. A man’s trash is another man’s vintage treasure. Craigslist’s free stuff section can also lead you to get your hands on television, furniture, clothes and even excess building materials.
  4. You can even be a secret shopper. You would usually be required to answer some questionnaires about your experience and observations. The companies are usually restaurants and retail stores. You actually get reimbursements for your expenses for your undercover escapades.
  5. Start a blog or You Tube about product reviews or how to do videos.  Besides getting free samples from the products you are reviewing, you can also rake in some cash and some products from advertisers on your site.
  6. Join the less sought after online competitions. The less competitors the higher your chances of taking home the prize. Try those little more demanding competitions that require a little more patience and focus from contestants; they could turn out to be very rewarding. And don’t be picky, do not pass-up on contests that you know you have a chance to win and would rather avoid it just because you don’t like the prize. Remember, once this prize is in your hands you can convert it to cash, or you can give it to people that are close to you that you know can appreciate them, and appreciate your gesture. Ah! That’s priceless.
  7. And the most important tip you should never forget is to always be on guard, watch out for scammers. Many are really out there always ready to ruin your day and your hopes and dreams on your online ventures. Always keep in mind the dos and don’ts in this business. And remember it’s not the money, or the gadget, or the products you are receiving but the fun and the experiences you are getting, is what is important.

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