Money Saving Tips for a Well Designed Backyard Patio

Posted on: 11th October 2013

If you want to define the space in your backyard or maybe add some complexity in the design, lush lawns and vibrant flowerbeds are not your only options.

Turn your bare yard into an oasis by building a solid feature like a patio. This could be the one place where you can get away from all the city rush. Both functional and stylish, it also raises the market value of your home for about 10-15%. Who wouldn’t want that?

Check out the local neighbourhood and you’ll see why patios are increasingly popular to folks around here.

With an average humidity of more than 50%, you can enjoy a lot of lovely, warm summer nights at the comforts of your own home. Kick your backyard activities up a notch or two. Whether it’s a holiday cook-out, a weekend barbecue with friends, even an inexpensive romantic dinner for two, and the backyard patio is the perfect accent for all these wonderful times.

So, how does one build a well-designed backyard patio?

Gather some great ideas from your friends and neighbours. Listen to their advices on how they created their own patios. Usually, these folks want their homes to reflect the beauty of the local surroundings so they adapt the naturalistic style to their backyard designs. But the most important thing is to understand your family’s needs and expectations to customize your patio designs according to it.Designed Backyard Patio

Now it’s time to let all those creative juices flowing and put it on paper, or your computer. You wouldn’t want to have a hard time recalling them while your backyard patio is underway.

Your patio design should flow smoothly and blend well with the rest of the house and your property. Find the perfect spot where this can be turned into an asset. Where can you really appreciate Mother Nature’s artistry? Make sure that the place where you build your patio has the least exposure to street neighbours, pollution, or noise.

Find a solid, level ground where you can build the patio foundation. Natural stones or manufactured bricks are great products to use for your backyard project.

The shape of your patio should accentuate your surroundings. A round one, with blooming flowers around it can soften the hard edges of your house. Do you want a formal looking patio or a more relaxed style? It depends on your own taste and the style of your house.

Take pleasure from the sunshine by leaving your patio uncovered or partially covered. If you think it might be overexposed to the outside surroundings, build some hedges or fences for privacy.

Determine how you would use the patio so you can choose the suitable furniture to complete its look. An outdoor dining table is the most common accessory that you can put in it, but it still depends on you. A couch or a hammock for lazing around would also be a tempting idea. Water features can add that sense of tranquillity in the overall patio design.

Have fun designing your backyard patio!

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