Money-Saving Kitchen Decorating

Posted on: 16th July 2013

Organizing, styling and mini-makeover kitchen ideas doesn’t have to cost a king’s ransom or worse, turn into an unbelievable nightmare you cannot quickly forget. Transform the hub and heart of your home with these cheap but chic ideas.


Clutter Control

  • Glass jars are not just for your cookies, sugar and sweets. You can use it as storage for your keys, cell phones and sunglasses.
  • Large mixing bowls and bread baskets are also great storage solutions for lids, pizza coupons, batteries, etc.
  • Remove everything from the tops of cabinets and even the junk drawer. Thoroughly clean the area. Get rid of any chipped plates or cups as well as unused items.
  • If you have glass door cabinets but can't keep what’s inside looking tidy, line the glass panels with wallpaper or fabric, or apply frosted window film.
  • Banish the smelly dishcloth hanging over the faucet! Organize your sink side essentials on a rectangular dish or tray. The must-haves: dish soap in a pretty container (or decant some into a translucent white squeeze bottle), an all-natural cellulose sponge for dishwashing, a scrub brush and a plastic scrubber for pots.
  • Treat yourself to a fresh set of dishtowels. Reuse the old ones as rags to polish silver, shine shoes or wipe up paint spills.
  • Install a plate rack. Use it to display a collection of platters or cookbooks.
  • Keep utensils contained and at the ready in a plain white pitcher – it goes with any kitchen.
  • Use a shallow baking dish to store cooking essentials by the cooktop or stove. It will keep everything exactly where you need it and save your counter from oil rings and pepper grinder debris. Decant olive oil into an opaque or dark glass bottle to protect it from light.
  • If you’re having trouble keeping your marble counters clean, just take dishwashing detergent, and scrub at the end of each kitchen day, and then wipe with a dry towel. No more stains and no more hassle!Kitchen Decorating


Sprucing Up

  • Dress the windowsill with two or three pots of moss or herbs.
  • Conceal an ugly backsplash behind old postcards, old magazines or drawings you've made, protected with a sheet of plexiglass.
  • Tile decals can be added to liven up some ho-hum tile without any real work or commitment. Just peel them off when you get tired of them.
  • Install decorative casing trim around your pass-through.
  • Paint your cabinets nature's neutral – green. It will look great with all your fruits and veg.
  • Make a pretty message board by placing fabric or decorative paper behind the glass of a large frame. Then use a dry erase marker to write on the front.
  • Add shaped brackets along the toe kick to make your cabinets look like fine furniture.
  • Cook up some natural air freshener: In a medium saucepan, bring 2 cups of apple cider to a simmer. Add a few slices of lemon, cinnamon sticks and 1 tsp whole cloves. Simmer for a couple of hours, adding more cider as it evaporates.
  • Hang a fabric blind with an elegant swag for a touch of grandeur.
  • Hang wallpaper as a backsplash. Protect it with acrylic or glass panels custom cut and installed by a glazier.


No-Sweat Embellishing

  • Leave only your chicest small appliances on the counter.
  • Get a handsome mortar and pestle. When you aren't using it to muddle mint for a mojito, press it into service as a bookend for cookbooks.
  • Display a pineapple when you're expecting guests – it's the universal symbol of welcome.
  • Use crystal flutes for your orange juice tomorrow morning. Champagne optional!
  • Create a photo wall of family members with their birthday cakes over the years.
  • Conceal scratches or dents on an old fridge with decorative wall decals.
  • A rough-hewn wooden bowl looks just as great empty as it does filled with rustic breads, artichokes or newspapers.
  • Perk up a family table with cheerful oilcloth that you can wipe clean in a flash.
  • If there isn't a window above your sink, hang a mirror there.
  • The next time you buy groceries, bring home a bunch of daisies for the kitchen table.
  • Add French flair: opt for a rustic table and chairs in the centre of your kitchen rather than an island.
  • Elevate the everyday – invest in a set of handmade cereal bowls.
  • Granny Smith apples – a stylist's secret weapon – are a pretty countertop accent and a healthy snack all in one.
  • A potted orchid in a white ceramic pot is a sophisticated living accessory that lasts longer than cut stems.
  • Display a vintage dishware collection on open shelves.
  • Hot-glue a seldom used vintage kitchen utensil in a shadow box and start a collection to adorn your walls.


Stylish yet Functional

  • Install a new faucet.
  • Install energy-efficient under cabinet lighting.
  • Install invisible touch-latch hardware for a sleek, modern look.
  • Splurge on a marble-top dining table for your best friend.
  • Tall ceilings? Install a large non-typical central light, like a chandelier, lantern or industrial pendant.
  • When was the last time your toaster made toast the way you like it? If you can’t remember, it's time for a new one.
  • Use a bench with storage as a kitchen banquette.
  • Overhaul the area under your sink cabinet to make room for garbage, recycling and composting.
  • If you have a lower level cabinet with a swinging door, then you have the option of purchasing a hanging garbage can. These are attached to the inside of the cabinet door and they come either with or without a lid.
  • Opt for freestanding pieces of furniture that are functional, attractive, and serve to conceal your garbage in a tilt-out receptacle holder.
  • Switch out your dated kitchen chairs for black Windsor chairs.
  • Remove a pair of cupboard doors and style the open shelves with your prettiest things.
  • Retrofit cabinets with tray dividers, slide-out bins, and plate stackers. Bins are especially useful for containing and organizing small items, such as tea bags, spice packets, and gelatine boxes.
  • Consider using pressure cookers, steamers and microwaves which use less energy to heat the food.
  • Replacing dated fluorescent panels with new track lights adds sparkle and more directional lighting. The recessed light well, created to house the old panels, becomes a dramatic ceiling feature.

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