Meet the Winner of Great Sites!

Posted on: 14th August 2013

M. Austin (VIC 3950) cannot believe that he won $30,000 in cash from Great Sites last 2012. Great Sites has given away hundreds of prizes to its Australian, New Zealand and UK Members, totaling over $500,000 in cash prizes. By earning as many Prize Points as you can, you can maximise your chances of winning.

M. Austin is the lucky winner of the major draw 2012. He still pinches himself just to make sure that it was really not a dream.

Check out some of the previous lucky winners:


  • Winner of $30,000 CashE. Vardis (VIC 3133) won $350 Bunnings voucher last June 2013
  • J. Sherwen (NSW 2227) won $250 Mighty Ape voucher last June 2013
  • T. Pedler (QLD 4405) won Mythbusters DVDs last June 2013
  • N. Davey (NSW 2747) won $350 Bunnings voucher last May 2013
  • M Varga (QLD 4575) won Mythbusters DVDs last May 2013
  • S. Jamieson (SA 5044) won $350 Westfield voucher last April 2013
  • L. Donoghue (NSW 2360) won $250 Mighty Ape voucher last April 2013


And there are so many others who won fabulous prizes from Great Sites! So join now!


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