Meet SHESAID's Nissan Micra Winner, Eugenie Buchan

Posted on: 21st June 2016

We caught up with SHESAID's latest new car winner, Eugenie Buchan, as she zoomed around the streets in her new Nissan Micra. Despite it taking so long for her to come forward – she had no idea she’d won – Eugenie is certainly making the most of her prize.

How did you find out you had won?

A good samaritan found me at my place of work, called me and informed me that I had won the Micra.

How did you feel upon getting the confirmation that you were the winner?

Obviously I was very shocked and extremely excited because winning a car doesn’t happen very often and I was so surprised that it happened to me!

How many times did you enter? Are you a generally lucky person?

I only entered the competition once and never imagined that I would actually end up winning. It goes to show that people should really get involved with some of these competitions because it could happen to any of us. I’ve never won anything significant before, so I guess I was just having a seriously lucky week!


Did you already have a car? What’s the plan for you and the car?

Yes, I have a really great Ford Fiesta which I’ve had since I was 19 which I am really happy with. My family was pretty thrilled about the win and one my younger sisters has her license but not a car, so I think I may have potentially found a good home for the Micra.

What’s your advice to others entering competitions?

I know that most people see these competitions on Facebook and assume that nothing will come of it but I would suggest people enter some of these great competitions because everyone has a chance to win and you seriously never know! I didn’t place very much emphasis on entering the competition and didn’t think too much about it as I was doing it but I got an amazing prize so it has definitely changed my view on competitions and the likelihood of winning!

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