Meet SHESAID's Latest Apple Watch Winner, Terry McKay

Posted on: 24th June 2016

We caught up with SHESAID's Apple Watch winner, Terry McKay, who is now the most “tech savvy” of the family thanks to his prize. McKay was recommended to enter the competition by one of his daughters and we're thrilled he's so excited to start using his new smartwatch to its full capacity.

How did you find out about the competition?

One of my daughters told me about it and recommended I enter as, in her words, 'I am a lucky guy.' How right she was!

After entering, did you tell your family and friends about the competition?

I told my family I had entered and suggested there was no need for [them] to enter as well, for I would win the watch.


What was going through your mind when you were signing up?

When I signed up, I was thinking: ‘Seriously, it would be nice to win such a device and be not only ahead of most people my age, but also my tech savvy children and grand-children.’

At any point did you hesitate?

Signing up was easy and it was interesting to say the least to then be made aware of the other opportunities available through the site.

We noticed that you’ve since signed up to receive offers from, have you received any exciting deals from them?

I have used the site before and monitor the numerous discount offers they put forward.

What are your thoughts about winning an Apple Watch and how do you intend to use it?

As to how I will use the Apple watch, I will study its features and use it to its full capacity, having already started researching its capabilities. My children and grand-children will be amazed!

Will you join another competition again after winning this amazing prize?

Most certainly having won this competition, I will enter others. I might even let you know which ones so you can let other subscribers know they are wasting their time competing… Just kidding!

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