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Posted on: 22nd March 2013

Math CompetitionsMost preparations for math competitions consists of practising old test problems. By going through a tip sheet, questions that possess problems can be revised and  remembered for usage at a later date.

High Schools are notorious for hosting math competitions.The popularity of math competitions will even rival that of sporting events. Like other competitions there is a certain level of interest that comes with participation as individuals with similar talents and interests compete against each other. Depending on the popularity and prizes offered by the organizers of the competition you can even travel internationally to display your skills.

Math competitions are a great way to desensitize the general public about mathematics in general. Math competitions use different problems and solving methodologies when compared to those that are used in classroom exercises. Do not expect that the problems that you see in your regular graduate studies will show up on a consistent basis in a competition. Competitions will require that you apply various techniques, read literature, search for counterexamples to arrive at an answer.

When you enter a math competition you will be required to solve problems using complex mathematical analysis such as elementary number the and euclidean geometry. These theories are by far more different than what you would learn in a graduate or undergraduate school . You will be required to search deeper to see that the classical ways of solving math can still be found in modern techniques.

An example of this can be seen in classical theorems which is found in euclidean geometry. This provides useful examples for students who are interested in modern algebraic and differential geometry. Competitions are designed to change your perspective when you begin to study the different aspects of the subject.

Finally above all  you should  enjoy the experience that the competition offers. Never overlook the boring aspects that come with your mathematical education. In the end these will ultimately be the most beneficial when you enter a math competition.

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