Marketing 101: Run Successful Marketing Giveaways

Posted on: 24th July 2013

Giveaways are a great strategy to promote your company brand and establish recognition and reliability among consumers. Everyone loves to get free stuff; so if you are lost on how to successfully execute an effective marketing giveaway, then read this quick step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Decide what your goals are

Decide early on exactly what you want to accomplish with your giveaway. Some goal examples are increasing sales of a particular product, link building for your company website or blog, and increasing social engagement. The primary goal of your giveaway dictates what kind of contest and entries you use, as well as your budget.

Marketing GiveawaysStep 2: Select what products to give away

What you choose to giveaway is to be well thought out. The promotional gift should be relevant to your customer-base; e.g. an item used regularly that is related to your brand. Do a survey to find out what customers want.

Step 3: Select the place and time of the contest and what tools to use

Is your promotion to be online, in-person or both? Is there a specific season that your product is more popular? Use these questions to choose a time and place for your promotion and what tools, such as online software or services, to use to promote your giveaway.

Step 4: Determine benchmarks for your promotion

Set benchmarks for your campaign. Good benchmarks are Facebook likes, inbound links and visitor statistics for your website. Have a predetermined number of these measures to reach for.

Step 5: Send emails to participants and submissions to contest websites

Email your subscribers about your promotion. People already interested in your product are more likely to participate in your corporate giveaway. Also, submit your contest to contest websites, such as Contest Heat and Contest Hound, to increase your outreach.

Step 6: Promote your giveaway daily, and track your results

Keep your participants encouraged by reminding them of the promotion. Don't let them become distracted. Also, after the promotion, track your results. Do this by measuring your company's visibility, conversion rate or other measures over a long period of time.

This is a basic step-by-step guide to run successful marketing giveaways. There are many resources on the subject. Checkout the link below for more information.

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