Maria Carriero $40M Lotto Max Jackpot Winner

Posted on: 9th September 2013

Everyone dreams of winning the lotto from time to time, but you may not be sure just how you are going to react if it happened. But recent lottery winner Maria Carriero was ecstatic when she found out what she had won. It was an incredible moment that the woman still has trouble believing. She had come from a poor background where this kind of money was completely unheard of before. When she received the over sized check on stage, she even felt compelled to dance in front of the crowd.

Maria Carriero Lotto Max Jackpot WinnerThe woman is 51 years old and has helped work to raise her family almost her whole life. She has children and grandchildren that she has helped raise over the years. She has even worked factory jobs to help keep things going in her family. But despite all these hardships, she has never given up on the things that are most important to her. Now that she has won the lottery, she will finally be able to experience a honeymoon like she never had the chance to before. Before becoming a winner, she had been married 30 years before to her husband. Now they will be celebrating this victory together in Hawaii. If you'd like to read more about this story, check it out here:

This story is just proof that anyone can become a lottery winner if they play the game themselves. She had worked her entire life to raise a family and now she gets to enjoy watching them grow up. They will even get to go out to their favorite restaurant together to celebrate this big time win. If you'd like to experience the same joy, you may want to consider playing the lotto in your area. There are many more people just like Maria Carriero who have won some serious money by playing their local lottery games. All it takes is buying a small ticket with the right numbers on it. You can choose to buy numbers that are significant to you, or to simply have them chosen at random to win big money.

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