Managing Your Freelancers Effectively

Posted on: 10th October 2013

Small firms and corporate giants are outsourcing more and more of their projects to online freelancers for a couple of good reasons such as to meet demands of seasonal work; to save on time, money, and energy; and, to maintain a globally-competitive edge in the business world. But to hire suitable and efficient freelancers and to manage these freelancers are two different things.

Successful entrepreneurs know how to manage their freelancers properly. Even if you are new to outsourcing projects, you can still overcome the problems that it can bring and maximize the benefits it can bring to your company. Consider these following tips to help you get the most out of your freelancers:

  • Your onsite team should have constant communication and coordination with your outsourcing team. They should work as a single unit, think as one, and always united in accomplishing the tasks at hand. If your freelancers work hand in hand with your office personnel, they could reach all your business goals successfully.Managing Freelancers Effectively
  • Treat your freelancers the way you treat your office personnel. Give them the respect that is due them. You would not have hired them in the first place if not for their talent and skills, so make sure that you communicate and deal with them with professionalism. You will gain their trust and they will work more effectively even when you are not around.
  • Provide all the necessary information to your freelancers. You spend time, energy, and resource to educate and train your onsite team and you should do the same to your outsourcing team. Spend quality time to communicate the job objectives you expect them to do – whether you’re outsourcing data entry jobs, graphic design projects, writing assignments, and others. Explain the important details about the business, your clients, and your expectations. The more they understand how you run your business, the more they will do their duties more efficiently.
  • Do not fail to reward the hard work and success of your freelancers. It will boost their confidence and add to their productivity. Whether they have successfully completed a task ahead of time or produced exemplary work beyond your expectations or succeeded in resolving issues with other team members, it is important that they hear your commendation for a job well done.
  • If you should not be afraid to be generous with compliments, you should also not forget to give constructive criticisms when your freelancers failed to meet your expectations. You should be professional, objective, and considerate when doing so. This will help them understand that you have to do what is good for business and will strengthen your working relationship.
  • Always communicate with your freelancers. You should give them a work diary to accomplish on a daily or weekly basis so you can be updated with the work they are doing. You can be aware of any changes that should be made and prevent any mistakes from escalating. Always ask questions if you don’t understand any part of the task they are currently working on. Do not hesitate to point out the details you want to be included in the project. By being in constant contact with your freelancers, you can be sure of the success of their jobs.
  • Take time to know your freelancers personally. Show interest in their local culture, personal interest and endeavours, work ideas, and future plans. Let them know that you want to get to know them better and understand how they accomplish the tasks you have set before them. Building relationships with them is the key to a successful business.

Even if your freelancers are halfway across the world, you can manage them properly by following these simple tips. The most important thing is you have a common goal and vision to pursue to strengthen your business and maintain excellence in the workplace.

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