Making the Most of Your Holidaying in Spain

Posted on: 26th August 2014

Start off by getting familiar with Spain’s habitual everyday life and its rituals if you want to get to know the modern culture of Spain, and luxuriate in the pleasures it has to offer. Here is a highlight of a few things that you can engage in quite easily.


Devoted to balancing their work and play, the Spanish pursue pleasure unabashedly in their mid-day shutdown. Although very few people go home during the day for lunch and a quick nap, most businesses and stores take a break from 2-5 pm.

Soccer and Potato Omelet

Holidaying in SpainThe Spanish National Futbol League and the potato omelette are known to be the force that binds the nation. The tortilla de patata is sometimes called tortilla espanola so as not to confuse it with the French omelette (which has a filling of cheese), or the Mexican tortilla (which has a filling of meat). Ideal for snacks or breakfast, the Spanish tortilla de patata is a thick pile of potatoes and onions that are joined together with egg. It can rise to the level of a gourmet delicacy if made by the right hands.

Spanish soccer is much like tribal warfare, where centuries old rivalries come to the fore on the soccer field. Rivalries like the Real Sociedad-Atheltic Bilbao are friendly in nature, but others like the Madrid-Barcelona are the real deal. You can best appreciate the beauty of football in the stadium. However, if that is not possible, you can visit the local sports bar where you will see the Spanish passionately watching their game.

The Stroll

El Paseo is among the most delightful of the country’s customs. Traditionally, it is taken in early evening. Although it is taken throughout the country, it is most common in towns and pueblos. Considering the fast paced life of the 21st century, the leisurely stroll with family and friends has a certain old-fashioned appeal to it that is definitely worth trying – walking with a destination, and without a worry in the world. People normally dress up fashionably and formally; elderly ladies wear tweed suits, men wear their cape-like jackets, and teenagers dress up in their trendy Zara outfits. El Paseo gives everyone a chance to walk through their lovely country, and participate in the lively street theatre.

Lunch on Sunday

It is a tradition in Spain to eat out with their families on Sunday. It is a long and leisurely lunch, which is made more appealing by the company and love of family. Depending on what time of the year it is, the Spanish dine at a casual restaurant by the sea, or at a rural venta. A rural venta came into being when roaming labour used to do the seasonal work in Spain. They demanded hearty and cheap meals, which gave enterprising housewives an opportunity to start a business. They started to provide ventas. They are a lovely experience on your Spanish holiday. Not only the food, but the atmosphere is also enjoyable; long wooden tables and noisy families create a casual and friendly environment. Relax, and immerse yourself in the friendly energy of Spain.

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