Making Sure That You Win

Posted on: 27th November 2012

Win FreebiesSponsoring a competition in Australia can be a great way to get business; if you want to get people to your site or interested in your company, there is no doubt that you could run a "Win A Free Spider" and odds are you would have people lining up to win the spider just for the bragging rights. However, those interested in sponsoring a contest need to realize that there are some laws about running contests.

The first thing you should do is read Section 32 of the Australian Consumer Law. Contests have always been sacred, and this law merely backs that up. Although there is a more detailed treatise of the situation there, the essence is that once you offer a prize, someone had better win that prize and that everyone has to have a chance of winning that prize. The reason is that you need to be honest with those who you do business with; business is ultimately about honesty, and if you are dishonest it is likely that you will not be doing business long. If your customers can not trust you, then they will just simplify their lives by not including you in it.

You must also be honest about all limitations of the prize, such as who may compete, if the winner pays shipping and handling, and any other conditions that apply. If you are offering a prize, then it has to be an actual prize; if anyone can get the so-called prize or is it just part of the price of subscription, such an upgrade, then it is not a prize. Also, if the prize is merely another chance to win a prize, then it does not count as well. If you are telling them that they will win a free spider if you do certain things, they had best get a free spider. In essence, the winner has to actually win something or he can call foul, and that can lead to an investigation of your contest, which never ends good.

In short, a contest must offer an actual prize and you must describe any issues that may be come up with that prize in detail. Keep that in mind and your contest should go off without a hitch and your contest will hopefully do exactly whatever it was you wanted it to do.

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