Lyft Lets Passengers Donate To Charity

Posted on: 30th March 2017

Ride-sharing company Lyft is introducing a new feature that allows its passengers round up their travel fare to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to one of a group of selected charities. The generous move is a potential opportunity for the company to make up some ground on its rival, Uber.

The new feature comes after another recent ‘light side ridesharing alternative’ move by the company which saw them commit to giving $1 million in donations to the ACLU over the next four years as a response to the initial news of Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. Lyft says these charitable programs are on target with their founding principles and not any attempt to out-perform the competition.

The new donation scheme, called ‘Round Up & Donate’, will be rolled out as a test at first and will gradually make its way to users over the next few weeks. It is an opt-in feature and will automatically round the fare for your current trip to the nearest dollar and donate the excess to charity. For example, if your ride costs $10.71, the extra 29 cents will go to your chosen charity.

It is the same idea as AmazonSmile, which donates 0.5 percent of every purchase you make on Amazon to a charity of your choosing. While the charitable donation is made from the passenger’s pocket, Lyft is providing the infrastructure and taking out all of the friction, which is a massive contribution to the process.

While the new move might appear to be a strategic decision by Lyft to attempt to close the disparity between themselves and Uber, the move should end up doing some really positive work in terms of generating funds for good causes, which is a great thing no matter which way you look at it.

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