Lucky Four Leaf Clover – A Few Interesting Facts About this Lucky Charm

Posted on: 14th August 2014

If you love sweepstakes, lottery and contests you are likely to be hooked to some lucky talisman or charm that will give you hope to play more and win more. Among the many charms, the four leaf clover has always been a great favorite.

The Symbolism Of The Four Leaf Clover

The four leaf clover is very rare – which is why it is considered lucky. It is also known as the Shamrock (Irish origin) and it comes from the White Clover plant, whose botanical name is Trifolium repens. The three leaf clover has a meaning for each one of the leaves, i.e. the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. When the Shamrock has four leaves, then the leaves stand for Luck, Love, Hope and Faith – which makes it a most favorite lucky charm.

How Did The Story Start?

It is believed that the four leaf clover was carried on to the Earth by Eve herself, when she left the Garden of Eden. This is why this plant, and especially the four leaf clover is considered to be special. The Celts had for a very long time believed that it would ward off evil spirits and used extensively in places where they believes harmful spirits existed.

In Ireland and most of the Europe it is strongly believed that anyone who finds a four leaf clover would definitely come into some good fortune very soon. This lucky plant was believed to have the power to fulfill the wish you held dearest to your heart. When a girl found the lucky Shamrock, it is believed that they will be able the man she loved.

How To Get It And Use It As A Lucky Charm?

The four leaf clovers works best of you have found it yourself.  That is why it is associated with good luck. However, it today’s world where everything is driven by convenience, you cannot really expect that you would go in to a field of grass and find the fortunate clover.

You can also buy it from “lucky charm” sites that sell the four leaf clover for people who need a little boost in their luck. However, do pay attention when you buy in online (or even offline) that you buy the real thing. With so much demand, imitations are plenty. Pay attention that you get the original Shamrock by buying only from reputed and recommended sites.

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